Monday, November 5, 2018

Our Halloween Costumes

Lots of people have been asking, so I decided to post about our halloween costumes this year. Growing up my mom always made our Halloween costumes and for the last few years, I've had help making our kids costumes. But this year I decided I would do it. Especially after seeing that one of the costumes cost $40 for the cheapest costume ever made. I'm not spending that kind of money on any costume that will be worn for one day.  Anyway, I thought I'd share what we all went as today since it is Halloween.

J wanted to be Mal from Descendants. And we had the option of buying her costume for over $100 at the Disney store, no thanks. We could also buy it at Costco or Walmart for $18 which I initially did. But once I got it home and found that the smallest size was giant on this tiny girl and that the costume was not good quality and almost didn't even look finished, I decided to take it back and attempt to make it.

We found a faux leather jacket (this was a size 3T but she squeezed into it because that's all Savers had!) and then we followed THIS tutorial to paint the jacket-- it was super easy and cost me around $5 for everything.

Her pants were old ones we had that I cut holes in, and I got some black leggings to go under them. And then we sprayed her hair purple. The chain she has is a belt that my Great Grandma used to wear!  I think I spent a total of $11 on her whole costume.

M wanted to be Jessie from Toy Story. We found a white button-up shirt in the little boy section of Savers for $2. I bought some cow print fabric from Joann's and used an old pattern from my mom for the chaps. And then I bought some yellow felt, cut it and drew swirls on it. Then I glued it on with THIS.  If you have girls and you haven't ever heard of Girlie Glue, please check them out. It's the most convenient thing to use for hair bows, and clearly for costumes :).  I also found M a red cowboy hat to wear. I think for this costume we spent around $15 because everything was on sale or used.

V was easy. He's really into Super Why right now and my brother and sister in law had a costume his size so that was free and I didn't have to make it! You can find a similar one HERE

Then there's Trevon's costume. This is a costume we've been anticipating for at least a year. He had to dress up for work so we decided this was the year. We made him a wacky inflatable tube man costume. He is super tall so we had to get 3 collapsable laundry baskets, that was the most expensive part. Then we found a king size sheet that was on sale instead of buying all the fabric. And then we found these googly eyes on Amazon.

We followed THIS tutorial and stitched the baskets together top to bottom (after cutting the bottoms off). That was super tedious but not hard. Then we measured the sheet and sewed a big tube for the body. Trevon's mom came and helped us measure the arms and cut where we needed to and then we sewed sleeves onto the tube. We glued the eyes on with hot glue and instead of sewing the top closed, we just put a hair tie on top so it looks like a top ponytail. It turned out to be really funny!

I hope you all had a fun Halloween!

What did your kids dress up as this year?

Do you dress up for Halloween?

Do you buy your costumes or make them?

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