Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Prioritizing Having Fun With Your Kids

We are just coming off of fall break, and most moms are excited to send the kids back to school, I'm not all that excited.  I go through this every time we have a break from school. I always start out with a little bit of panic thinking "what on earth am I going to do with them for a week?" But after the first 2 days, I start to think that I don't ever want them to go back to school. Not that I could have them home all day every day and homeschool them, that's not something I have the patience for.

During fall break I thought a lot about how the house wasn't clean and the to-do list wasn't getting done.  I got frustrated about all of it like I usually do at the beginning of a break, and then I stopped getting frustrated over that and I started prioritizing having fun with my kids instead.

This is something I felt the need to share today because I think a lot of us moms don't think about our kids fun time as a priority, but it should be. We have so many things today that challenge our kids in different ways. They have responsibilities just like us adults, even if we don't think they are really hard responsibilities because they are easy for us. Cleaning their room, doing homework, chores, etc. They sound easy to us but think of how hard they felt when you were their age. 

Kids need to experience the challenge and responsibilities we give them, but they also have every right to experience childhood and enjoy it. They also need to experience their parents having fun too.  Kids need to know that growing up isn't just about going to work and making money.  That's not always something that is easy for us adults to accept, but it's the truth. Life would be very difficult if there was no joy and fun. 

So this week, I set my responsibilities aside a little bit. I did what I needed when I had time.  I let the house get a little messy (I'm not saying a lot messy because that would never go at our house). I let the kids pick some of the activities and I tried my best to enjoy those activities with them.

After a week of doing this, I noticed that I got along better with my kids. I felt a little more laid back, I wasn't so short tempered about little things. I noticed that I felt better about myself. I prioritized the things that I needed to get done and then I prioritized my kids fun.  They deserve a break from their routine, and so do I.

Now we will go back to that routine and we will work around that, but still try to prioritize the fun in our family, because who isn't happy when they are having fun?

What do you do for fun in your family?

What is one thing you can do to change the way you interact with your kids?

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