Friday, October 26, 2018

Fast Friday!

It's the weekend again! That means it's time for Fast Friday!

Last weekend my local running store had a giant shoe sale so I went to get some. It was time.  I got my running gait checked again thinking it had changed and maybe I was running in the wrong shoes which were causing my injuries, turns out my gait hasn't changed much. My form has, but my gait hasn't. So I happily found these shoes for crazy cheap.  The Mizuno Wave Riders and Brooks Launch 3's. These shoes are quite similar and this way I will be able to hopefully make them last a little longer by switching between them. Heres a little tip for finding cheaper running shoes, if you have the option, get an earlier model of the shoe. The colors look different but it's the same shoe and less money.

On Sunday I made my mom's Apple Betty dessert. And I've been eating it all week.

My dad's birthday was on Monday. The kids were all still on fall break, so we made him this birthday banner and decorated his garage with it.

Since it was a nice day Tuesday and we went back to school on Wednesday, we spent all afternoon at the park with cousins.

I was happy to lounge in the perfect weather while they played, and I caught up on some reading.

We wore J out and she spent the last half hour relaxing on the blanket with me instead of running around.

I got to run a little bit this week. I did some run/walk, strength training, and stretching. I took this picture to check my form. One of the things I'm working on is making sure my foot lands under my body and not in front of it. It's harder than I thought to fix a problem like that.  It's something I'll be working on while I'm getting stronger and recovering from this injury. 

Also, as a very random side note, we clean our carpets twice a year with THIS home cleaner. It does amazing things for your carpet and helps them stay clean and fresh and last longer.  It's also a killer deal right now on Amazon. If you're noticing how gross your carpets are lately or if you're ready for them to be cleaned, I highly suggest getting it. 

I hope you all have the best weekend!

Do you have a favorite dessert from growing up?

Who struggles with/is working on the form problem?

Who has fun weekend plans?

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