Friday, October 12, 2018

Fast Friday

We made it back to Friday. I feel like this week went pretty fast! So here are a few of the things we've been up to this week.

I let my hair dry naturally over the weekend. I always wanted curly hair growing up but my hair never worked out that way. After each kid, my hair got a little curlier and now that it's not so long it will hold better. Ok, so it's not super curly, but it passes as wavy and I'll take that.

I worked on Halloween costumes a lot this week. Sewing was also something I always wanted to be good at. But, whenever I get a pattern out for sewing I lose all confidence in my idea and want to back out.

Luckily, my mom saved me on this and once I got it all cut out it was easy to sew together. I'm getting a little more confident with my sewing.

These pens are some of my favorite pens ever. They are perfect for sewing and quilting, but also really great to just write with because they are erasable and come off with heat! The downside is that I've heard that if you write something and leave it in a hot car or something the writing will disappear. I also heard it will come back, I can't say if that's true or not though :). 

Fall arrived in our area...and turned to winter.  We haven't had snow (thank heaven) but it's been COLD! We've had rain all week! The good news is that it's bringing lots of pretty colors to our neighborhood. I was trying to get a picture of the color those mountains that were on fired just a few weeks ago. It didn't do it even close to justice, but we sure are thankful for the beauty and for that special place! 

Because of the weather, this week's lunches consisted of soup and sandwiches.

Also, lots of hot chocolate.

The other day I noticed that we had a bunch of tiny bugs on our kitchen floor. I swept them up and they came back the next day. So we took the drawers out in that area to see if we could find out where they were coming from. Turns out we had 6 BLACK WIDOWS in spot!! EW EW EW! We sprayed the whole area and then cleaned up the webs. I swear we clean a lot here! I'm positive there are more because our neighbors have also found a couple in their house. So this weekend will probably involve some more spraying in and around our house. 

One of the days this week M got up on my bed (she's not supposed to jump or play on our bed) but before I could tell her to get off, she did a flip. This is new to me and to her. I don't think she learned that in tumbling last year but I was too impressed to tell her to get off. So I took video of her instead to send it to Trevon.

With all the costume sewing going on around here, the kids have been practicing to go trick or treating. It's pretty fun to watch, but they end up taking all the toys all over the house so cleaning up the mess really isn't as fun.

I went running a little bit this week. My knee just can't make up its mind if it feels better or not.  But it felt good to get moving like that again for the time being.  

We are ready for the weekend! What are your weekend plans?

Are you running lately?

Do you have a Friday favorite to share?

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