Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Be More Positive During an Injury

I ran yesterday. Pain-free! I did a workout on Aaptiv that was a run/walk program, I chose that one so I wouldn't push myself too hard too soon, and while I was running something came to my mind that made so much sense to me. The thought was to not think of injuries as a setback or as a block in the road, but more of an obstacle to get over.

I think there are a lot of times that we get really discouraged when we get injured and it makes it a lot harder to heal from an injury when we have a bad attitude about it. We get antsy and rush back into running too fast and only make things worse. We think negative and sit around and mope about it so it takes longer for us to heal. Sometimes we even give up altogether. Thinking of injury that way isn't helping anyone.

Here's what happens when you start thinking about an injury in a more positive way:

You hear what your body is telling you.  Our bodies will always tell us what After training for and running my half marathon, my body needed a break. Even if I didn't want one. Being injured helped me hear that and listen to the clues. My body wasn't just telling me to take a break, it was also telling me that I needed to strengthen different muscles in my legs and the rest of my body. It was telling me that something in my form wasn't right and that I needed to get new shoes. Not just new shoes but that I need to get another running gait test to see if these are still the RIGHT shoes for me.

When I get injured lately I've been trying to remember that it's only temporary and that the more TLC I give my body the faster it will heal and be ready to run again.  If I take the opportunity to focus on strengthening my body, work on cross-training, and make sure to get a lot of stretching and foam rolling in, the time I have to take off from running is a lot shorter than if I just pretended it wasn't there. Also, when I focus on those things, I'm still getting a workout done, staying in better shape, AND I'm creating a new habit of strength training that I didn't have before. 

Being injured gives us a new chance to find things we like other than running. I know, there's no other workout I like more than running, but I did find out that I like strength training too. `

An injury also gives us a chance to step back and look at what we are missing in our lives that helps our bodies heal so that we can continue what we love. If you're someone who works out regularly, you need to treat your body like an athlete. It does not matter how fast you are or how much you can lift or anything like that. You need to make sure you're getting enough sleep, the right amount of calories, healthy food, and you need to also make sure you're stretching when you're tight, foam rolling when you're sore, and icing when you have a flare up of pain. Take care of yourself.

Injuries don't have to be all bad. Take it as an opportunity to look at what needs to be changed or adjusted.  Give yourself the TLC you need. And when you're ready to start running again, be willing to take a step back when your body tells you it's time.

What do you do when you get injured?

Are you good at taking a break from running?


  1. When I get injured, I usually take a step back from running. This could mean not running at all or just keeping my runs short. No matter what, it's so important to keep a positive mindset like you said!

  2. Currently working my way back from an achilles strain and doing run walk intervals as well. It's definitely frustrating at times!

  3. I went through a similar "shift in perspective" last summer when I was sidelined (as my surgery scar healed). It would have been too easy to mope and curl up in a ball and whine, but I was able to focus on all the good I could do for my body while I took that running sabbatical.

  4. I like to try to find the positive in tough situations, so this resonates. I'm terrible about resting and taking breaks from running, and sometimes my body just says "enough." It's all part of the process.

    I'm glad you are finding time to listen to your body, but I hope you are pain free and healed soon!

  5. I'm not good about stepping back from running when I'm injured - I usually just try to cut back my mileage. I'm working on a cranky hip/hammp right now. Like you said, mindset is so important!

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