Monday, October 8, 2018

5k Your Way with Aaptiv

One of the things I love about Aaptiv is that they put out new challenges for everyone every so often. For the month of October, the challenge is 5k Your Way! I talked a little bit about this before, but I wanted to share more about it here so that you can join in the challenge too!

The whole point of 5k your way is to help you accomplish a goal of running a 5k however you want. Treadmill, elliptical, walking, running, trying to PR, any way you can think of. There are three different levels you can choose to start from.  And each level has workouts to help you and push you so you can reach your goal.

One thing I really love about these programs is that it's not just running! A lot of times when you find a running training schedule or plan it doesn't incorporate strength training in there so you have to find where to add it in your schedule and what to do. Each of these plans includes strength into the plan so there really is NO work in planning on your part. You just push start and go!

Then, on October 27 you will participate in a 5k race where ever/whenever you are! By completing the challenge, you could win a home gym or one of 10 runners-up prizes. You can sign up HERE.

Once you sign up, You find the 5k training program.

Choose 5K Your Way

And then choose the level you're wanting to start at.

Another thing that is really fun about this years 5k Your Way challenge is that they teamed up with Charity Miles so you can log your miles on that app to benefit a cause that you love every step of the way.

This year I won't be able to run it this year, because my knee is not happy right now. I need to take this time to really focus on strength training. But, where ever you are at in your training, this would be a great way to meet your goals. And it's FREE! So there's nothing to lose.

 Around this time of year, I usually start to pull back on my mileage and just run when my body feels like it.  I focus more on strength training or just really listening to my body and what I feel like doing.

If you're interested in doing the 5K Your Way program, you can sign up HERE. If you're looking for an awesome app that helps you workout and stay in shape, you can find that HERE.

How do you keep yourself in shape through the winter?

Have you ever done a virtual 5K?
This will be my first one!

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