Wednesday, September 26, 2018

My IT Band Syndrome Rehab Plan

Since I haven't been running lately, I've been taking a lot of time off. I realize that taking time completely off isn't always the best I've realized I need to come up with a plan for cross-training. So that I can get better and stronger and so that I don't start going crazy while I wait for things to heal ;).

Now it's time to come up with a plan and schedule so that things actually happen. You know how it's way harder to get up and workout when you don't know exactly what you're going to be doing? That's why I need a plan. It's even more hard for me when I'm injured and not sure what to do.  So having a plan makes it easier for me to make sure the rehab gets done and I'm also getting a workout instead of being lazy and getting weaker.

The first thing I did was google "rehab exercises for IT band Syndrom".  Lucky enough I found an article pretty easy about IT Band Syndrom stretches and treatment.  It gave me some really good ideas of where to start.  I made a list of exercises to do from what I found from that search.

Trevon and I split up days for our workouts. He gets some mornings, and I get some mornings.  Back when I was dealing with Pes Anserine Bursitis, I was pretty good at being proactive about rehab. The days that were Trevon's turn to workout in the mornings, I got up and either did rehab exercises, or I got up and foam rolled, stretched and iced. On the days that were mine, I would get up and focus on strength training or swimming. This time when it's his turn to workout in the mornings I sleep in, and when it's my mornings, I strength train.  I need a plan to get myself going again. So here we go!

Sundays are always rest days. They have always been my rest day and I like it that way. Sometimes I have other rest days throughout the week, depending on schedules and how I'm feeling, but Sundays are my one scheduled rest day and it helps force me to take the rest so I can recover!

Monday is usually Trevon's morning to go play basketball. So for now, Mondays will be rehab focused. I like doing rehab on his mornings because most of the exercises that you do for rehab, at least for IT Band Syndrom, are equipment-less workouts (or workouts with simple things like ankle weights or things you can use around the house) so you can do them anywhere.

Tuesdays are my days. I usually spend Tuesday mornings using my parent's small basement gym and it works out great. I do full body workouts with my Aaptive app.

Wednesdays are usually Trevon's morning again so these days will be, again, rehab mornings with stretching and icing afterward. If I don't get these workouts done in the morning they are also easy enough to do with kids around so I can do them anytime.

Thursdays are my days, and this is the day that things start to feel tricky for me on planning.  I really should be doing some kind of cardio but I haven't been. My plan is to start swimming again until I can start running.  We will see how that goes, but I'm adding it to my plan here for accountability!

Fridays are normally my days too (Trevon has a gym at work that he gets to use on his breaks) but again, I get lost in knowing what to do these days.  For now, since I'm not running, I've been just telling Trevon to have an extra day and I'll work on more rehab exercises.

Saturday is our family day! And we have been doing a lot of fun hiking this summer. So that's been my workout for the day. Now with the weather cooling off and not as many hikes happening, I'm planning on turning Saturdays into my second cardio day. Probably swimming again, maybe just walking. Any kind of movement really.

I don't have a timeline for this injury, and it really depends on the person! Just because these are things that work for me, doesn't mean they will work for everyone. I highly suggest you find a physical therapist. If you're in Utah County, this is mine and I would refer anyone to him any day! This plan may help me recover in the next couple of weeks or a couple of months! I've done a lot of resting for about 5 weeks now so now it's time to start strengthening the muscles back up and get better. If you're also struggling with IT Band Syndrom, it may take you longer, or you might bet better a lot faster than I do.  It honestly all depends on the person!

Are you injury prone? If so what injuries have you had to deal with?
Yes---I've done shin splints, turf toe, sprained ankle, pulled butt muscle, pes anserine bursitis, and IT Band Syndrom.

When you get hurt do you go to a physical therapist or try to fix it on your own?


  1. I love the way that you and your husband split up mornings to get in your workouts. I work out in the mornings and my husband works out at night (you couldn't pay him to workout in the AM), so we don't have a time conflict but we make sure to cover for each other. My husband takes care of all the family morning chores and I cover for everything that comes up while my husband gets his work outs in at night. Good luck with your rehab and I hope you're back to running soon!

    1. I love that you found a way that works for you guys! We used to workout at the same time all the time, but kids. So now that we found something that's working we will stick with it as long as possible haha. Thanks so much for reading! I hope you have a wonderful day!

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