Friday, September 21, 2018

Fast Friday

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It's finally Friday.  I say that like I get a break, but I'm a mom, so having a weekend never really means a break. It does mean that Trevon's home most of the time so we get to spend more time as a family and not with just three kids against me.

I already told you all about the stressful things from the beginning of the week, along with the exciting things. Today let me tell you that while the Pole Creek Fire is still burning, our property is safe and the firefighters are working hard. The smoke was still pretty thick until about yesterday. The picture below is of the cloud of smoke that are usually mountains.

Because of all this smoke we've been asked to stay inside and keep kids inside as much as possible.  So we've been playing a lot of games. I like games and all, but I'm really glad we've had better air the last couple of days because I don't think I can handle another game of Life with the kids this week.

Last Saturday, since we couldn't go outside because again, the smoke, we took the day to organize all the toys in our house. We used to have stashes of toys in the living room and kitchen, now they are all in the kid's rooms. We don't have super functional storage in our house so it's always been a creative challenge to get thing organized. I think after 6 years we are finally getting a good system going. It's keeping the living room clean and their toys easy to put away in their rooms. Also, V thinks he has to be holding 20 toys in his hands at all times.

One day this week, M brought home this little slip of paper she did in school. I always forget about this activity they do but I really love reading through them. M thinks I'm 18 so I'm going to go with that and see how long people believe that ;) I'm jk, 30's not bad at all. 

For one of my workouts this week I planned to do some swimming laps, that turned into doing water aerobics instead. Guys, I'd really just rather run. 

One of my favorite things about Aaptiv is that do challenges once in a while. And on October 27, they are doing their second 5K Your Way challenge!  I wish I was well enough to start training right now for it! But, this is a challenge that works for every single person. They have programs to help anyone from beginner to advanced train for it so even if you're brand new at running, you can train for this easily! You can walk or run, or both,  do it solo or in a group, do it inside on a treadmill or outside.  You can log your miles on the Charity Miles app to benefit a cause that is important to you.  If you finish the program, you are entered to win either a home gym or one of 10 runner-up prize bags! 

You can sign up as a team or an individual, and if you don't already have an aaptiv account (I highly recommend it, it's cheaper and more convenient than a gym pass)  you can sign up HERE. They also offer a 30-day trial! I'm hoping that in the next week or two I will be ready to start running again so I can join in on this! 

Have a great weekend everyone!!

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