Friday, September 7, 2018

Fast Friday

It's Friday! Thank heaven for the weekend, even though it seems like we have a busy weekend ahead of us. Here are a few pictures from my phone for this week's Fast Friday.

Since Monday was a holiday here, Trevon had the day off. We started the day off with some deep cleaning (throwing a lot of junk away/ scrubbing/ decluttering) and after lunch, we went to spend time at my parent's house. After a long swim, the kids wanted to play Mario Kart. The Wii is a big deal at Grandma's house because we don't have video games at our house. V didn't last long though, he thinks he's too big for naps, but I think he would be much happier with one.

Tuesday M started school! and She was so ready, and I was so ready! 

After her school was done, we did a lot of playing.  First V and M played kitty. V was pretty pleased while it was his turn to "walk" the kitty.  

Then we went to the park. We needed some outside time. The park didn't end up lasting long because it was quite a bit warmer out than I had thought. So we went home to run through the sprinklers instead. Then they dried off on the sidewalk. 

Wednesday was a really busy day!  By evening time I was exhausted. I felt bad for my kids because I had mostly entertained them with "on your own" play time. But this sweet boy just discovered blocks and it will keep him mostly content for an hour. It also helps me to remember to slow down and spend one on one time with him because I love playing blocks too! (and just in case you think that I might have a perfect boy here, he ate my foam roller, right after this picture. He bit chunks off and spit them all over my floor. But he can be pretty sweet).

Thursday morning was hard for me to get going. I was still tired from the day before. But I knew I'd be mad at myself for missing a workout, so I rolled out of bed and did a strength training workout at my parent's house. It's really great to live close to family!  Then I was rewarded with this view on my way home. It was a moment when I thought "I wish I was running" but it didn't last long. Because I'm going to listen to my body! 

Now on to the weekend! I'm hoping for lots of fun, and lots of rest haha! 

What are you hoping for this weekend?

Do you live close to family?

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