Monday, September 17, 2018

Cabin Fire and Family Wedding

Those of you who follow me on Instagram or Facebook saw that it was a pretty crazy weekend for us with a ton of emotional ups and downs. Because so much happened, and it's real life stuff, I wanted to share about it. If not for anything else, for my own journaling purposes. Some of these details are little blurry/confusing and may not be 100% right, but it's how I understand things happened.  If you're sick of seeing all my posts about the Pole Creek Fire, please feel free to move ahead. :)

Since before I was born, my grandparents have owned a big piece of land up in the canyon.  It used to be a lot bigger piece of land, but little by little my grandparents decided to sell off some of it. We still own quite a bit but not a whole mountain (literally). We have had some fires that were close calls, but last Thursday was the worst one yet.

What started out as a small fire from a lightning strike, which the forest service made the decision that they would let it run its course (as at the time it wasn't threatening anyone or anything and that's nature!) exploded overnight as the winds picked up. My grandpa went up to set the sprinklers and get irreplaceable things packed up.  A couple of my cousins and a family friend who is also a fire chief (that is an amazing story by its self, but later) showed up to help him.  The fire spread quickly and then I got a video that scared me so bad I almost couldn't even function. The fire had come right up to our bunkhouse.

This is a screen shot of the clip that they sent us.

Because we don't get great cell service at the cabin and I wasn't there, it's hard to know exactly how things happened. But from what I was understanding the fire was spreading fast and I expected that we weren't going to be very lucky. I reached out to my ward family and my in-laws for prayers (my own family had already been praying). Most all of our neighbors know my family in one way or another and know how much this special place means to us.

Later that night, the family that was up at the cabin texted us to let us know that they were stuck up there. The roads were all closed and there wouldn't be any way out at this point. The good news was that it seemed that the fire wouldn't be a threat anymore. So the praying continued. We were already filling very blessed because none of our buildings had been harmed! Even the bunkhouse that seemed like we would lose.

Early the next morning, another text came in that said overnight those still at the cabin had put the fire out "on our mountain".  They had stayed up all night fighting off the fire until it was completely extinguished in our area!

1 week before the fire

Trevon's brother was getting married that day, so as we were getting ready for the wedding, text messages were coming in about the fire. Pictures of the damage, more information about when they could come home etc.

I tried to calm my mind and my heart so that I could be involved in the wedding. We put our phones away and enjoyed our time together with the Albertson side. When we got out of the wedding and checked our phones, more pictures were coming in. One thing was apparent, and that was just how blessed we were in this. The fire had come right up to our fence line and stopped. It burned all the way around us, but thanks to the big green lawn we have (and all the prayers and faith) nothing had been destroyed.

A huge sigh of thankful relief! And I was finally able to relax and fully enjoy the rest of the wedding day!

We enjoyed lots of ice cream and brownies.

Apparently, I still have the appetite of a child.

J was cold the whole time so she kept trying to warm up by the candles.

We danced, and the kids played and ran around and everyone was excited and happy and relieved.

We were exhausted by night time and no one had a hard time sleeping that night.

If you've read this far, thank you! I hope you all have a great day and we will talk again soon!

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