Monday, August 13, 2018

Trust the Training Process

This is the week! My race is in 5 days! I'm really excited but I'm starting to get nervous.  Something that the coach on my training program has said over and over is to trust the process. Today I'm focusing on trusting the process and what that means to me.

This is the first real training program I've used and it's the first half marathon I've ever run. So having something to base things off of isn't something that I can do.  There have been several times during this training where I've thought things like "am I doing too much speed work?", "should I have run further during my endurance runs?", "Did I run enough in general during this training?" and it always happened to be about that same time that the trainer would say something like "this is all part of the process" or "trust the process today".  At which point I would surrender all of my questions and doubts and do exactly what was on the schedule.

Trusting the process means that even though you can't see the results right away, you know they will come if you keep working at it. Things don't just happen overnight. In fact, just about nothing that is worth the wait happens overnight. Most great things take a long time, and a lot of work to come.

When you trust the training process, you go into race day feeling more confident and calm. This is something that I feel like I usually struggle with. It doesn't matter how many races I do, I'm usually nervous at least the night before. I think some race day nerves are normal, and even a little bit helpful. But when the race day nerves get big, they can do some bad for your race. Feeling those nerves get worse and worse can make you panic, lose sleep, get sick, or go out too fast at the beginning of your race. Take a deep breath, and remember all the things you did to get you to race day. Trust the training you've done. Remember that everything you've done in your training is like putting money (miles) into a bank account and race day is the day that you get to add all those up and see how much you have gained.

The process doesn't stop at the race. On race day you'll either meet your goal, or you won't. And either way, you'll want to improve. So the process continues. You start over to get a PR. You get back at it and push yourself a little harder so that you can see the improvements. You make adjustments where needed but the process doesn't end with that one race.

When you start to feel extra nervous about your race, take a deep breath, forget about the things that you can not control, and remember all that hard work that you put in through this training cycle. And then trust the process. Now is not the time to worry about it, now is the time to enjoy it.


  1. Sometimes it's hard to trust your training, especially after a hard run, but you're absolutely right. I always tell myself that the training is the hard part and the race is the victory lap.

    1. I love that! I’m going to be using that on my next training cycle.

  2. Trusting the training can be hard, but you're going to do great. And I totally agree that the training is the hard part. That being said, you never know what race day is going to hand you, so be sure to take it all in stride! You're going to do great!

  3. I can have a hard time trusting the process myself!

  4. I've never trained for a race but I have for a Figure competition and my trainer would reiterate the same thing-trust the process. I wish you success on your race and cant wait to hear how the process came together.

  5. It is hard to trust your training - especially when it hasn't been perfect - but it usually is trustworthy! I'm sure you will do great.

  6. It's really hard sometimes to trust in your training but it's so imporant to do that! Hang in there!!

  7. Trusting the process is tough, especially if it's for a distance you've never done before. My first 20K was also my first race where my long training ends didn't have me doing the entire race distance...something that was completely foreign to me(at the time). Sticking with my plan, though, proved to me that all of the training prepared my body for the race itself, and after several weeks of smart training those couple extra "un-run" miles were nothing to worry about when my body was already capable of going 10 miles ;-) Best of luck!!

  8. definitely trust your training! this is your first Half and it's going to be amazing!!! And... it is already a PR so just remember that, no matter what!

  9. Definitely trust your training! Best of luck this weekend! There's nothing like your first, and although you want to run a strong race also be sure to enjoy the race as well. I can't wait to hear how it goes!