Friday, August 31, 2018

Fast Friday

It's Friday. Guys, I've had a weird week.  The daily stuff has been normal but for a good part of the week, I've felt so antsy and discontent. I think this happens to me every now and then. Probably when I'm feeling insecure about myself or something. I think a big part of it this time is that I just accomplished my big goal that I've been working really hard on and I took a week off of running to rest and I'm not feeling/seeing progress in my life. It sounds silly but it's real haha. But here's kind of what it looked like this week.

We spent the weekend hiking and playing outside.  We hiked Battle Creek Falls which is pretty close to our area and a pretty simple hike for the two of our three kids. M was at a birthday party.

M has been keeping an eye on this baby snail the last few days. She's worried that it's lost from its mom but she's keeping it good company.

My 30th birthday was on Monday! We had a pretty normal day around the house and running errands, but I have had so many amazing friends and family stop by to wish me happy birthday.  I'm so blessed!

Tuesday I decided to clear out some of my clothes and we ended up donating a whole tone of the kid's old clothes too.  I think most people wait for spring to do this, but as you read before, I needed some kind of progress to feel and I guess this is part of it.

We pulled out some new to V toys. Some that we have had but V hasn't played with yet. He spent several hours this week playing blocks!

He also has been insisting on sitting in Daddy's truck for the last few days so he was really excited when Trevon buckled him into the truck's car seat to sit in the parking lot for an hour and a half.

Thursday I decided to give running a try. It felt amazing mentally and was great for my cardio. But my knee was not having any of it. So I did a long 1-mile walk to cool down after my 2-mile run. I guess that means more time off and cross-training for me. I'm actually more ok with this than the last time. I think my body NEEDS a little break.

We went to a new park for a few hours on Thursday. This is a park I used to run in when I was in high school. We had so many races there! I was surprised because when we go there, things had been changed so much.  This fun little playground was one of the changes.

Here is how my workouts went this week:

Saturday: Hike ---> 2 ish miles

Sunday: Rest

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: Strength training

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Run ----> 2 slow miles, 1-mile walk cool down

Friday: Rest day

Total miles: 5 I will be trying to add some swimming into my routine next week.

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