Friday, June 22, 2018

Fast Friday

Happy Friday! How has everyone's week been? Here are a few things we have been up to.

Last Saturday Trevon's work had their annual summer party at Lagoon! We have loved this about his company. We left V home because he's too small to ride the rides still (maybe next year) and we took the girls and played all afternoon.

We rode most of the rides together. J was big enough to go on a few of the bigger rides this year, so Trevon and I took turns taking her on some of those while the other took M to ride some of the rides she could ride all by her self. I think she really loved that she got to have her own turn.

Then we let the girls go on a few together without us,  (I love that they are so close and get along so well!) Before we had dinner.

When we got home we let the girls stay up and tell their friends about their adventures while we spent some time with V one on one.

For Father's day we went up to spend some time with Trevon's dad and family. While we were there, we saw some little bunnies and watched them for a little while.

This week was one of those weeks where I just didn't take many pictures and we didn't do a whole lot of super exciting things. Monday we got our errands run and then the kids played outside for the afternoon.

Tuesday was busy. I had my sister's kids in the morning and then we had swimming lessons and played in the afternoon.

Wednesday was another errand day. We went back to the park for a little while before I had a dr appointment to get to, (M thought it was fall time and dressed in long sleeves and tights) so the girls got to play with their other cousins for a little while.

Thursday was another cousin day! We went to the library with my mom and my sister's kids to do the make and take project.

Then we spent the afternoon swimming with the cousins. I always braid the girl's hair so that it doesn't get too knotty while swimming. French braids were never something I could do until I had little girls and then it was like magic that I could. V did not want to get out of the pool. That little boy swam for 2 hours! and then he fell asleep on the way home.

This is what my workouts looked like this week:

Saturday: Long run ---->7.75 miles

Sunday: rest day

Monday: Easy run ---->4.5 miles

Tuesday: Strength Training -->leg day

Wednesday: Speed work ----> 3.5 miles

Thursday: Tempo Run ---> 4.7 miles.

Friday: Strength training --- Upper body and core.

Total Miles: 20.45

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I hope you have a fantastic weekend!

Can you french braid?

Do you like rollercoasters?

What was your best workout this week?


  1. Looks like a week of lots of fun family summer activities!

  2. Yes to the braiding (my greatest feat was learning how to do a fish tail LOL) and I LOVE roller coasters!!! I came up with a fun and unique speed workout yesterday...that's always a fun endeavor ;-)

    1. Fish tail is one thing I can’t do! I always thought that was impressive

  3. Yes to braiding but don't do it anymore. Just throw on a cap.

    My hubby loves them but I hate roller coasters.

    This has not been a great running week. Hot, busy with work, etc.

    1. My head is too small for caps! I have to shop in the kid section for them haha!

  4. Sounds like a fun week. I remember the days when my office used to have a summer picnic. We had some fun times -- complete with pony rides.

  5. Oh my gosh, this looks like so much fun!!

  6. I love your girls' matching braids. So cute!

  7. Looks like a lot of fun was had!
    I LOVE braiding! The little girl I nanny for gives me lots of practice! It is fun coming up with different designs and styles!
    My best workout this week was when I was teaching and my husband showing up for my class! :)