Friday, June 15, 2018

Fast Friday

It's finally Friday! This week was a challenging one for us. I feel like the kids were just constantly on my last nerve. I also think that's very normal to have a week or two like that in the summertime when everyone is home and together.

Last weekend we tried to spend a lot of time playing outside. V found that it's super fun for him to climb on, sit on and jump off of these utility boxes by our house. I'm sure that's frowned upon by the city people but sometimes you gotta just let little boys be boys.

We had an amazing brinner Friday night.

And it was definitely worth noting because this syrup  It's definitely a favorite. (Kodiak Mountain Berry. You can get it cheaper at Costco.) made my french toast taste like a jelly donut. For french toast, I use Costco's Cinnamon Chip bread and it really takes it to the next level.

Saturday morning was my long run. I meant to leave early but ended up sleeping in and still went out by 8:00. It was already 70 degrees out and it felt really hot! It made this run a struggle but I kept reminding myself that time didn't matter, it was supposed to be easy paced.

The kids spent some time playing the Ipad together over the weekend. It didn't last long. It never really does for us, but it was cute to watch them play together.

Monday turned out to be interesting! I went outside to get M so we could go to the grocery store, J followed me out and V decided to lock the door. My keys were inside. Thank heaven I had my phone! I called my Dad and he showed up to try to help me pick the lock with my neighbors kit and after trying for a little while we weren't getting it. He called my uncle and he brought my cousin each of them had lock pick sets and were working on both doors. Meanwhile, V was just helping himself to snacks out of the garbage can, unloading the folded clothes, waving at us through the window, yelling "Hi" back when we were trying to get him to unlock the door, turning himself a movie on and basically anything else a little 2-year-old boy thinks is fun while mom can't get after him for it. After 5 people trying to get the doors unlocked with 3 different kits, we ended up getting through the window haha. It was an adventure, and a journal entry and I'll have to write it down the long version somewhere soon. 

Tuesday was the first day of swim lessons for the year and afterward, we all got in and played for a while. 

We've been enjoying summer evenings and let the kids play a little longer than usual. While they are playing we threw a frisbee around, something we haven't done in a really long time. Trevon got this frisbee for his birthday and we hadn't used it yet. If you're in the market for a really good quality frisbee, THIS is it! It's thick plastic so it's not easily breakable and it doesn't hurt when you catch it like other frisbees sometimes do.

While we're throwing the frisbee, the girls were coloring on the grass with their friends. Wednesday evening after my run I noticed that their coloring stuff was still out. So I grabbed it before I headed inside. I expected the books to be ruined because of the sprinklers but they were all fine.

The crayons, on the other hand, had all melted into one big block of wax. I guess we will be getting new crayons. 

Thursday's swim lessons got postponed until Friday but we went swimming anyway. We also did a lot of playing with friends. I love when the kids are busy because they seem much happier that way! 

Heres what my training looked like this week:

Saturday: Long run ---> 6.5 miles

Sunday: Rest day 

Monday: Easy run ----> 4 miles

Tuesday:  Strength Training lower body and core

Wednesday: Race Pace practice ---> 4 miles @ 8:43, 8:15, 8:03, and 8:02

Thursday: Strength Training upper body and core

Friday: Speed work ---> 3.5-4 miles

total mileage for the week ----> 18.5 miles

Have a great weekend! If you have any questions you can ask me in the comments, or on Instagram or Facebook!

Do you have a favorite syrup?

What is your favorite breakfast food?

How is your training going?

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