Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Cedar Breaks National Monument Hike

Ok, so I shared a big post about our campout to Cedar Breaks and I said I'd write separate posts about a few of the things we did on that camping trip. So today I'm going to share about the hike we did at the Cedar Breaks National Monument.

When we got there we made sure to go to the bathroom and fill up some water and sunscreen up! Even when it's cool weather there, I'd suggest putting sunscreen on. You're at 10,000 feet at this point and being that high up means you're closer to the sun and will sunburn easier. 

they had a ranger there teaching us all about sun flares and he had a certified telescope for us to take turns looking at it. He also told us that later that evening they would have a stargazing event. And it sounded like in the summertime they do a lot of events like that for the hikers.

We went to an overlook as we walked in and took some time checking it out. 

And then we headed on our way. We went on the Sunset trail and the whole trail was paved so it was really more of a walk than a hike. But it was great for the kids.

It crosses the road twice. And then you get to a lookout area.

At first, the girls thought we were back in Bryce Canyon because it looks similar. But it's kind of neat because you look to one side of the path and see red rock and you look on the other side and see green grass and pine trees. There's not a lot of places that you get to see both of those at once.

They had some benches to rest on while you looked out.

We didn't stay long though because the kids were ready for lunch! So we headed back to a picnic area that we found for lunch and to work on our Jr Rangers books.

When we got back to the visitor center, the kids got sworn in to be Jr Rangers. To keep nature beautiful and clean, and to always clean their rooms. 

This is a great hike/nature walk for kids! And it's super fun for them to work on their books that you can get for free at the visitor center to become Jr Rangers. I highly suggest this. V could have probably walked the whole thing but Trevon ended up carrying him in the hiking backpack.  It was good because he eventually fell asleep in there. 

Do you sunburn easy?

Have you ever become a Jr Ranger?

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