Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Camping in Cedar Breaks

I'm having a little bit of a hard time writing this post just because there is so much I want to talk about when it comes to our camping trip with our friends to Cedar Breaks! So I think I'll do a quick overview with a billion pictures and then in the coming weeks share more about our hikes and some of the food we made etc.

We headed on our way on Friday morning.  We were all ready and excited to get going.

After a pretty uneventful (thank heaven) 3.5 hour drive, we found an amazing BLM campground up on the mountain. It was a huge space with a ton of places to explore. Perfect for our group!

Right as we pulled in, there was a little fort already made there. The kids wasted no time to go see what it was all about.

Then we worked on building our own fort big enough for everyone to fit in. Once it was built the girls decided that it needed to be swept. It was so fun to watch because I remember playing the same way with my cousins growing up. 

We let them explore and enjoy each other for a while.

There was a little lake close to our camp but not too close that I had to worry about V running to it when I wasn't looking. We hiked down to it for the afternoon and let the kids play in the dirt and took lots of great pictures. I love this one of M! 

It was a great weather there! Not hot and needing a light jacket in the evening. It got cold when the sun went down but we have a heater in the camper so we never worried about that.

We had hot-dogs over the fire for dinner. And then had some s'mores.

And we visited and laughed around the campfire because V discovered "lallows" for the first time and was a little bit obsessed. 

While Trevon and I got our camper ready for bed, Scott and Keri took the kids to find some deer.  They were successful and I was a little jealous of the pictures she got.  If you have to choose between the Iphone 8 and the Iphone X, the camera on the X is way better (and a lot of these pictures are from her phone and not mine). 

The little explorers 

We can't say enough how much we love that these kids are the best of friends.

In the morning we got up and let the kids play while we made unicorn pancakes for breakfast. I wish I would have thought to take a picture, but I forgot.

Then we went on a little stroll around Cedar Breaks National Monument. There was a ranger there with a telescope teaching everyone about sun flares and letting us check them out.

It was warm, but not super hot this day so it was great for hiking.  I'll talk more about this specific hike another time though.

We got back to camp after our hike and Trevon and I realized we were both pretty sunburnt. I put on sunscreen but not enough and Trevon forgot it all together. Sometimes when it's not hot you don't think about it, but when you're that high up (10,000 ft) you're closer to the sun and you burn easier. We made pita pizzas for dinner, they were delicious and I'll have to recreate them next time we are camping, and then we made some yummy campfire cupcakes which I think I'll also share in a later post because they are really yummy and super fun to make. 

The hike that inspired this whole trip was Kanarra Falls.  I'll (again) share this one in another post so I can talk more about it, but it was so much fun.

I will say that for this hike you're going to want some good hiking sandals or another kind of comfortable water shoes.  My feet are tiny and I couldn't find any women's pair my size (I'm a 5) so I did what I sometimes have to do and I went to Target to get some kid-sized sandals (M got the same ones in purple). And I'm so happy I did. These made hiking in the water easy and comfortable and I will be wearing them for any kind of water/sand hiking I do. 

Once our hike was over it was time to leave. None of us wanted to, but we had to get back for the week.  Summer has officially started for us. and I'm hoping that we get to go on a lot more campouts and hikes this summer! 

Where is your favorite place to go camping?

Do you like hiking through water or on land more?


  1. What an awesome trips, the Kannara Falls look amazing!!! I love trips like this and giving kids such a fun experience outdoors :)

    1. Some of my favorite childhood memories were camping/hiking and exploring with my family!

  2. Well, I'm not a camper (whomp whomp), but I do like being outdoors and exploring. I'm curious about the fort you made...were did you find all the fallen branches? The branches look huge!

    1. When we pulled up to our camp site there were tons of piles of dead branches everywhere! I'm thinking a scouting group maybe had been there before and were working on clearing out dead trees or something. So there were a ton of them and we just gathered them up and used them for the walls :)

  3. What a fun family vacation! I can't wait to take my kids camping. They're finally old enough and I love the outdoors so much. I've missed it.

    1. Ah! I love that you are finally taking them camping! I wanna hear how the love it!

  4. We were never a camping family at all growing up. Looks like your kids had a blast!

  5. What a great trip! This is the stuff your kids will always remember and carry with them into adulthood. Can't wait to take my girls camping!

  6. I am fairly new to camping, but now that I have done it, I love it. It is such a great time with the family and kids just love it. Two years ago, I would the totally laughed at the very idea, but now? I am all on board. Such gorgeous pictures. I can't wait to read more.

  7. some of these photos are just amazing! I can imagine what a great time you guys had!!

    I am not a camper at all. I just don't like it. My parents (mom & stepdad) dragged us camping when we were younger but my family is so dysfunctional it just wasn't fun at all. We'd have to sit in the back of the (uncovered) truck for hours on end just to get to our destination and then it was more about the adults having "fun" (ie drinking and godknowswhatelse) than being together and doing things together as a family. But I'm not bitter hahahaha!

  8. My husband, sister and I celebrate our birthday together this year my sister chose camping and I am a little apprehensive. This was encouraging thanks for sharing

  9. Looks like fun! I'm so not a camper, altho glamping is appealing to me!