Friday, May 25, 2018

Fast Friday Update

It was the last week of school and we could feel the excitement of summer in the air! We love summer and are ready for all the relaxing, playing and homework-free days that comes with it. Here's what we did this week.

Monday morning after running errands we spent some time at the park. Being outside is the only thing the kids want to do lately, and I don't blame them. The weather has been amazing and I want to be outside too.

Monday night my parents came over to our house to help us fight our bug problem. Reason #1 not to plant apricot trees in your yard: these aphids were seriously EVERYWHERE! We have an apricot tree that they are swarming on and it was spreading to my other plants despite us spraying them once already. I'm happy to report that since my dad brought his heavy duty stuff over, most of them have died and if they come back we will probably just take the tree out. Who likes apricots that much anyway? 

Tuesday V had a Dr's appointment for his 2 year well check. This boy is in the 93% in height. I wish I could say part of that was from me but it's not. I'm pretty sure he'll pass me up by the time he's 8. 

Wednesday was another beautiful day. We spent some time after lunch riding bikes and waiting for J to get home from school. Then we spent some time at my sisters so they could play with their cousins and I could have some adult interaction. I mentioned to Trevon on Monday that I literally hadn't talked to another adult all day until he got home. So it was needed. 

My weekly workouts:

Saturday was my long run, I needed some recovery miles because last week my quads were so sore! So I did a long easy run ---> 5.5 miles

Sunday, as usual, was a rest day

Monday --->  Tempo run. 1 mile warm up, 6 min tempo pace, 2-minute recovery, 3x90 second tempo with 1-minute recovery, 4x1 minute tempo, 2-minute recovery, 2 minutes cool down. --->5.3 miles

Tuesday I focused only on strength training. I feel like this is something that I was doing really well at for a while and then I stopped. I'm working on getting better at it again.  Jumping Jacks, high knees, plyo-lunges, jump squats 3 x each, Shoulder press, bicep curls, push-ups, planks, burpees 3 times each. Cooled down with some planks and stretching

Wednesday was a rest day. I got some good stretching in and did some rehab work that I haven't been doing for my knee lately.

Thursday was speed work. 2-minute warm-up, 1x90 second sprint with 90-second recovery, 3x1 minute sprint with 30-second recovery, 3x 30-second sprint with 30-second recovery, 2x20 second sprints with 30-second recovery, 2 minutes cool down. And some core work --->2.5 miles

Friday hasn't been a running day for me for the last little while, but it is usually a day that I focus on some strength training and walking. This will change soon though!

Total miles for the week ---->13.3 miles

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