Monday, April 9, 2018

Workouts For When You're Injured

The worst part about being injured is, obviously, not being able to do what I love to do.  But even though I can't go for a run right now, that doesn't stop me from working out.  Cross training while injured is an important part of your recovery. And sometimes it can be hard to find workouts to do when you're injured because you don't want to overuse whatever part of your body is injured and you don't want to hurt yourself more.  So it can be really frustrating, I know it is for me. But I've gotten into a routine of workouts that I'm doing in the meantime and I thought I'd share that with you today. So here are the workouts that I do when I'm injured

Monday & Wednesday: rehab workouts + upper body + foam rolling
You can get rehab exercises for your specific injury from your doctor or physical therapist or, if you're confident in what your injury is, you can find some online But these are mine:

Tuesday & Thursday: full body strength


Saturday: Swimming or walking for cardio depending on how I feel that day

Sunday: off day. No workout at all

Once you get into a routine for workouts it's a lot easier to find motivation and plan what you want to do. Feel free to use my workouts or to adjust them to yourself. Listen to your body, though, and do what you need to do.  It can be really hard, not just physically, but mental/emotionally, when you're injured and you feel like you're so stagnant in your goals. I know that it can be really tempting to get moving in your favorite way again. The other day my legs were SO achy because it's been so long since I went running. But I knew I wasn't ready to run yet so I did some good foam rolling and stretching to help instead.  Cross training will help your body be strong again. So come up with a good plan for you to do until you're given the OK to do what you love again!

These are workouts that I have been Ok-ed to do by my physical therapist.  If you don't have a physical therapist (I suggest THIS one for anyone in Utah County) and you haven't been to a doctor, the best thing to do is avoid anything that hurts your injury.  I'm not a physical therapist, doctor, trainer or anything except a girl who loves to run and workout.  So everything I'm sharing is based on my own experiences. Do what is best for you!

When was the last time you were injured and how long did it take to come back?

How long can you take off before feeling like you're going crazy?

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