Thursday, April 5, 2018

Fast Friday Favorites

Happy weekend to all of you!  This week was spring break for us so it's kind of felt like one long weekend, which you'd expect to feel awesome, but it some ways our house has been a crazy house. 

The weekend was a busy one. It was our church's General Conference, where our leaders speak to us giving us lots of direction and inspiration and hope. It's something that I look forward to every six months.  It was also Easter so we squeezed all the family time between conference sessions. It was a really great but busy weekend! We had a small get together with Trevon's family on Saturday for lunch.  M really enjoyed the Easter egg hunt.

V got to go for a ride on a skateboard for a little while. I think he felt pretty cool while doing this.

Then we got home and he zonked out for a few hours.

On Sunday we got to listen to some more conference before going to my parent's for Easter dinner. We also did an Easter egg hunt there with a lot of grandkids. 

Monday is errand day for us.  We went to the dentist (my dad) and got the kids' teeth cleaned and then got some donuts at the grocery store because they all did so well. 

After all of our errands were done we had lunch and the kids played while I did some foam rolling and stretching. My legs get really achy when I'm haven't run in a while and I was feeling it for sure that day.  I asked some other runners if it ever happens to them, and I loved how one of them put it "those legs are homesick". While I was foam rolling V decided to help me out with the intensity and sit on me with his cars.

Tuesday morning was all about meal prep.  We only meal prep for breakfast because I feel like it's the most rushed meal for me. So I made a bunch of breakfast burritos to freeze and then a big batch of granola. This time instead of peanut butter I added some PBfit powder and it tasted amazing.  PBfit is fewer calories with about the same amount of protein as peanut butter. And in granola, the calories can add up. You can find PBfit HERE.

I also got a workout in.  Full body strength with some good stretching afterward and then I tried out a handstand. I'll be working more on that because it was fun to see that I can still do it. Not for long, but I can.

Wednesday was a slow day around here for us. The kids did not want to do ANYTHING productive. After almost a 2 hour fight, we finally got in the car to run the rest of our errands for the week. And then we came home for lunch.  After trying to get V to come eat for 45 minutes I finally found him like this and decided to feed him while he played.  We went to the park later in the day but didn't stay long. It was cold and J wasn't feeling great.

By Thursday my kids were driving me absolutely nuts. I'm not usually one of those moms who look forward to school starting soon but Thursday I was.  It makes me a little nervous for summer, but at least in summer, its always warm and they can always play outside! After a lot of fighting and fit throwing in the morning, we got lunch done, gave V a nap and then headed to the park to play with cousins!!

My workout for the week:

Monday: Foam rolling and stretching

Tuesday: Full body strength training

Wednesday: Rehab exercises

Thursday: 1 mile on the elliptical and body weight strength training

Friday Favorites:

This lunch.  I feel really healthy any time I eat this lunch. So if it's not all that healthy, don't tell me.  I don't want anyone ruining it for me haha.

This is my favorite guy, and he's turning 30 today! This picture was from a couple of summers ago...looks like I need to get more pictures of him by himself.

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What are your weekend plans?

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What are you doing for spring break?

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