Monday, February 26, 2018

The Difference Between What Kids and Parents Remember

The other day we got a ton of snow.  The kids also happened to have the day off of school so I wanted to do something fun. My house was already not clean- it wasn't all that messy, but I couldn't call it clean, and I didn't want to sit home and have the kids spend the day sitting around in the messy house either. So I decided to call my sister and my sister in law (I'm super blessed to live close to my family) to see if they wanted to go sledding.

We met at a park that has a small hill. I got my kids ready and we started sledding. I wish I got more pictures than this.

I'm going to tell you all the "behind the scenes" stuff that happened during our sledding trip and you'll figure out why more pictures didn't happen.

Before we left, I tried to get V to take a nap and no nap ended up happening. I loaded the kids and our gear into the car and drove to the park where we waited for the others to show up.  My sister had the sleds so we sat in the warm car and listened to music until they showed up.

I got my kids and myself already (the other's came ready) and then I carried 25lb, probably close to 30lb with all his snow gear, V to the hill while I pulled our one baby sled behind me.  We started sledding. And then we noticed ducks. Two ducks burrowed down in the snow. The ducks noticed us too. And then they wouldn't leave us alone. They started following us and pecking at our boots. So we decided it was time to try a different sledding spot. The duck followed us all the way to the car though and J was scared about it biting her and the other kids were worried about it being run over. We finally loaded up in the car and drove to another park.

By this time V was exhausted.  We didn't have very good gloves for the poor kid and even though I'd doubled up on gloves he was freezing! So the kids went down on the sleds a few times and then we loaded up and headed to my mom's house for hot chocolate.

It was a short trip with lots of really cold wind and lots of crying. I started worrying about how my kids would probably hate playing in the snow for the rest of their lives. And then I realized that what moms remember from trips like this is quite a bit different from what the kids remember.

My mom used to take all of us kids skiing in the winter time on her own. I thought I was a good skier, but I was pretty lousy and my mom spent a lot of time picking me back up off the bunny hill's snowy ground instead of skiing down the bigger hill herself.  And she probably thought it was a big fail of a trip sometimes. But here's what I remembered:  Waking up and going to the store to rent our gear, getting to the slopes early and spending a lot of time with my sister and my mom (my brothers were good enough and old enough to go off on their own) playing, laughing, and trying really hard to stay up. Loading back up in the car cold, wet, and tired while we snacked on treats and listened to music all the way home. I don't remember many very stressful, frustrating, bad times doing that. And while I don't care much for snow skiing now, I loved it then.

Once I'd remembered those things, realizing that there were probably a lot of times that my mom questioned her sanity while loading us all up in that wet, smelly car after a day of sledding or skiing, I realized that as long as my kids were having fun, even if I wasn't having that much fun, they would remember it as a fun thing that we did and not something I made them do that ended up being stressful or frustrating. That made me want to do more things like that.

What is one thing you loved doing when you were little that you think is more of a pain now?

What did your family do often growing up?

How do you be a fun parent for your kids?


  1. Going to the beach with kids is my example of that. I remember it as being amazing as a child. When I did it with my kids I was amazed at how much work and crap was required. When I mentioned it to my dad he laughed and told me that when I was a toddler they rented a house 1 block from the beach but I needed so much crap on the beach that they had to drive that one block. Lol.

    1. Ha! Isn’t that funny how our little kid brains made every part of those thing magical and when you grow up it’s almost disappointing how much work it takes? I’m so glad you have those memories though! That is something you’ll cherish forever. Have a great day Amy!

  2. I love that your mom took you skiing! I remember my parents taking us to the park every Saturday morning. We’d ride our bikes, rollerblades, skateboards, play catch. It was so fun!

    1. What a fun memory! I love that you got that time with your mom

  3. Isn't that the truth? Most of the time, kids really are oblivious to all the annoyances and logistical nightmares and just enjoy the ride.