Monday, January 8, 2018

Why Consistency is Important and How to Stay Consistent in Your Workout

This time of year while most people are starting new workout routines and getting back into the groove of things, I find myself struggling a little bit with being consistent in my workouts. J and M are just getting back to school, V’s naps are off, it’s still cold outside and dark and I’m really struggling to find the motivation for afternoon workouts during nap time. Is anyone else having this problem?

Taking breaks and taking rest days isn’t really that big of a problem, but when you start getting into the habit of not working out, that’s a problem. Being consistent in your workout is one of the most important things when it comes to progression. If you want to run a 10k but you only run once in a while, you’re never going to finish that 10k.  You need the consistency in your training to get to that point.

Consistency is also important so that you don't regress after all the work you've put in.  You're not going to lose that progress overnight or with one to two days of break. You could even take a longer break without a ton of regression, but getting out or a routine and taking a longer break will make you lose all that you've been working hard for.

Being consistent in your workout helps you improve not only in endurance, speed or weight but also in your form. Practice makes perfect in this case. The more you do it right, the better you get at it. But you can lose that too if you don't keep going back to work on it.

All that being said, consistency can be hard. Especially when motivation is low, which for me it’s always low in the winter.  So let’s talk about some ways to make sure you keep consistent in your workout, even when you’re not feeling motivated.

Scheduling your workouts into your day. You’re much more likely to get it in if you have a time set apart for you to get it done. And you’re even more likely to get your workout in if you have a workout planned for a specific day.  This is something I need to work on. I am pretty good at knowing that I will be a run on certain days and strength training on the other days. What I struggle with is knowing what kind of run or strength training workout I will be doing that day.  But writing it down or scheduling it beforehand makes it way easier to get going on it instead of just thinking about it.

Being held accountable is also a big help when it comes to being consistent. Letting family or friends know, having someone meet you to workout, or even just having someone to report to on social media can help you become more consistent. (If you need someone to report to, you can report to me here or on Facebook or on Instagram.)

Think of the rewards: There are so many awesome benefits from any kind of exercise. Mental, physical, social, emotional. All these things can be affected by working out. Working out helps clear your mind and de-stress from your day. It’s been proven to help depression and anxiety. You can make new friends by running with people, or going to a gym class and meeting new people there. You will feel and look better and prolong your life with working out. Thinking of these things can help you remember why you need to work out in the first place and keep you consistent in your workout

Picturing and remembering your goal. Most people who work out set some kind of goal. Setting a new PR, running a race, losing an amount of weight or body fat etc... So put a goal reminder somewhere. Put it on your alarm clock, tape it to your mirror, put it on your favorite bag of sweets or on your freezer so that when you’d rather hit the snooze button, eat another cookie, have a bowl of ice cream you can have those reminders that you’re only going to accomplish those goals if you get out and do something about it.

Remembering the work that you’ve already put in will help you to feel motivated to keep going. When you’re feeling like progress isn’t being made or feeling discouraged with how long it’s taking to meet your goal, remember where you started. These things don’t change overnight. And everyone starts somewhere. Don’t compare yourself to others because that almost always leads to you lying to yourself about how you doing and where you are in your own progress.

Being consistent is one of the most important things when it comes to completing your goals.

How do you make sure to stay consistent?

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