Monday, January 1, 2018

My 2018 Goals

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I know that every single person on social media has been talking about goals in some form or another lately. It's just that time. And while you might be bored of hearing/reading/seeing about 2018 resolutions or next years goals, I am going to talk about some of mine today. The reason being that I feel like if I write down my goals or tell someone else my goals I'm held more accountable than I would be if I just kept them to myself. Also, I'm hoping that me telling you my goals will motivate you in whatever goals you're wanting to set for yourself this year

This year I set several small goals for different areas of my life.  I feel like that's easier and better than setting one giant resolution or goal for the whole year. It's easier to set up a plan of action for each goal, it's not so daunting of a task, and it's easier for me to see progress in the areas I want to change doing it this way. So here are my personal goals for 2018.

1. Self Image: I'm not a very "nice" dresser. I wear jeans, t-shirts and old running shoes most days. And I'm not giving that up completely because I don't think there's anything much more comfortable and practical than a nice pair of jeans. And my running shoes are also very practical and fact, that's probably "my style" is practical/comfortable. But I feel like I should probably try to dress a little bit more stylish and not so mom-ish. This will be a hard one for me. But I'm going to give it a try.

2. Running: I'm going to do at least one 10k this year. In all my time running I have never raced a 10k and I'm not sure why. I think mostly 5k is just my comfort zone, but I really want to branch out and push myself.

3. Health: Drink more water. I have gotten so bad at drinking water throughout the day. Ever since having V, water just doesn't appeal that much, but I'm going to make sure to drink enough water to stay hydrated throughout the day.

4. Home: Teach my kids to clean up better. I know that at least half of the reason my kids hate cleaning is that I've been slacking in the cleaning department myself, so This year I'm going to work on that. Chore charts have been made, rewards have been put in place, and now it's time to teach. My home will be cleaner! "A clean home is a happy home" and I really believe that when a house is clean it's easier to be there together as a family without getting on each other's nerves so much.

These are my main goals. I might make changes as we start going through them, it's always good to be flexible, but I'm going to work on them! I hope this post didn't bore you but inspired you to make changes where you need them in your life.

Are you making resolutions?

What is the biggest change you want to make for you this year?

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