Wednesday, January 24, 2018

HeartZones Blink 3.0 Review

I haven't ever used any kind of heart monitor while running. I thought of getting a GPS but I didn't want to take that jump and spend that kind of money on a Garmin if I didn't end up loving it and using it. So I was really excited to be able to give HeartZones Blink 3.0 a try.

HeartZones Blink 3.0 is a wristband heart monitor which was the biggest selling point on this. A lot of other heart rate monitors have to be strapped around your chest and I just can't imagine having to run with that on me.  I was even a little bit nervous about how much it would bother me around my wrist at first. It only took a few times wearing it and now I don't even notice it there. It's lightweight and the band is soft and straps on with velcro so it's super easy to wear without it feeling too tight or rubbing too much.

The Blink 3.0 is super simple. You hold the button in the middle of the monitor down until it's blinking red and blue. Once it's fully turned on it will turn to a solid blue blink. The harder part for me was figuring out the App. They do have a video tutorial that explains how to set it all up, I'm just a little bit slower at these things. Once I figured it out, it was super easy to use from then on out.

I also like that you can tell what heart zone you are in just by looking at the monitor quickly. It has three flashing lights: blue means you're in your easy zone, Purple means you're in your moderate zone, Red means you're in your hard zone. I love this because it helps me know when I need to start pushing things a little harder. If I'm staying in the blue zone the whole time, I know that I'm not pushing my pace enough to get my heart rate going faster. Knowing which heart zone you're in will help you be able to reach your goals.

This monitor connects to so many different apps.  Runkeeper, Strava, MapMyFitness, and more. But they also have a free app for Apple users you can download.  It makes tracking your heart rate and your fitness level super easy.

The Blink 3.0 isn't just for running and biking! You can wear this swimming too. It's waterproof for up to 10-20 meters.  So swimming laps with this would work great too.

The battery life on this is pretty awesome. I've only had to charge it once and it lasts up to 8 hours at a time.  And I love that they have different wristband colors to choose from. I have the lime, but they also have black, blue, pink, orange and red.

If you're looking for a simple heart monitor, this one is for you! It's only $99 instead of upwards of $200. It's easy to use and since it connects to apps on your phone, it's easy to store and ready your stats instead of having to figure them out on a tiny screen.

How do you track your heart rate during workouts?

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