Friday, January 26, 2018

Fast Friday

I can't tell you how happy I am that it's Friday! It's been a really busy week this week and I am ready for a break! Here are a few things we did this week.

I went out for a run in the snow last weekend and it wasn't nearly as bad as I expected it would be. It's been a very, very long time since I've run in the snow and in any weather under 50 degrees.  Randomly it just seemed like a fun idea to run in the snow.  The worst part was that I didn't expect that I'd be squinting so much with the snow blowing in my face. But it really was a pleasant run. And a killer thigh workout as I tried to run without slipping around the corners.

 Then we spent some time playing in the snow as a family.

Monday I knew I wasn't going to get any kind of workout in unless I did it in the morning. So I did a quick at home workout before the kids woke up for the day.

I realized Monday night that I couldn't find our clubhouse key. I know for sure it's around the house, the problem is that one of the kids (probably the little boy in our house) stashed it somewhere and we can't find it. So I took an impromptu rest day on Tuesday and I felt it. The emotions in me NEEDED that workout! Tuesday was busy, and a little stressful, and I've just felt down lately. It's just part of winter. And I have been so thankful that it's been a mild winter and that this has been the first day all winter that I've felt totally down on myself and on everything going on around me. I didn't get my workout and I paid for it that night. Anxiety and depression weighed heavy on me. Every thought in my head was negative. Even a temple trip didn't cheer me up. Sometimes days like this happen.

This meant that Wednesday was a day that I needed to give myself a little extra self-love.  I didn't stick to a schedule, instead, I just let us get things done when I felt like I could fit it in. I bought myself some yummy cinnamon chip bread at Costco as a treat. I worked on things that I wanted to work on. And then I went running.

Thursday was better. M had a field trip in the morning so with her and J gone at school, I took V to my sister's house and went out for another run.  If nothing else, losing my clubhouse key has helped me learn to suck it up, dress up, and run in the cold. Thursday's run was a lot harder for me than when I ran in the snow. V has gotten really clingy lately and he was not happy that I left him to go running. This is how he stood when I got back. Standing in front of me to make sure I wasn't going anywhere. 

And now for some Friday Favorites!  

I woke up Thursday morning with a really stiff neck and shoulders. This happens to me way too often. I think it has something to do with stress...and the cold maybe (I blame a lot of things on the cold haha) Probably mostly just stress. Anyway, when this happens I spend some time massaging my shoulders and back with the balls from our Body Wrench and it works amazingly! I've heard that THESE massage balls work really well too. 

This is the cinnamon chip bread I talked about earlier.  I love having it toasted with butter! You get two big loaves for $5. That's how much I pay for one loaf of this kind of bread at the grocery store. 

I saw this meme on Instagram the other day and could relate to it really easily. 

What is your favorite flavor of bread? 
     I think it's safe to say that other than regular white bread, cinnamon bread is my favorite. 

Those of you with kids, What do you not have time for?

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