Friday, January 19, 2018

Fast Friday

The kids had a couple days off of school this week for MLK day and a teacher comp day. At first, I was dreading it because we just got back into the routine from Christmas break. But then I realized and remembered what I loved about Christmas break. I didn't have to rush J out the door in the morning to get her to the bus on time and I didn't have to remember to make lunch for her. I also remembered that it meant we could find something fun to do instead of going to school.

We went swimming! The girls loved going swimming with their cousins again and they loved it even more because it's winter.

I think they spent more time in the hot tub than in the pool (it's an indoor heated pool) but they all had so much fun.

Then we came home for lunch and V's nap and the girls played all afternoon while I did laundry.

I went to my parent's house for some strength training. It's been a very long time since I did any kind of strength training and it was time to start back up again. Hopefully, this is an easier habit to make than it was to break. My arms were like jello after my workout!

The girls played with some friends for a little while this week, M gave herself a "zombie face" with chalk. I'm not sure where she gets all her ideas from but she is quite the goofball.

We had pancakes for breakfast this week and I made myself a running shoe pancake. It might be a little sad that this is a highlight, but it was.

Lately, anytime I'm on the phone V and M will both immediately pretend to be on the phone too. V usually just grabs whatever he can find to hold to his ear and jabber along while I'm talking. In this case, it was a notebook.

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Heres a few important questions for you,

What do you do to entertain kids when it's cold (but not snowy) outside and they have the day off of school?

What would you make a pancake out of with THIS pancake art kit?

Have a great weekend and I'll see you back here on Monday!

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