Monday, October 22, 2018

My 3 in 30 Challenge

Before we get into todays post, I want to announce the winner of the Tiger Tail giveaway! MJ Moore you're the winner! Please email me with in 24 hours! I'm so excited for you to give it a try.


Over the weekend I shared about the My 3 in 30 challenge that Rachel Nielson gave on her podcast recently. Her podcast is a podcast for moms who want to find more meaning in motherhood. She shares 3 tips for motherhood in 30 minutes each week. And I've said this before but I will say again that this is my favorite self-help podcast that I listen to because I honestly go away from the podcast feeling better and feeling more hopeful in my parenting than any other podcast I've listened to.

I shared my 3 takeaways on Instagram a few days ago, but I wanted to share about them again here for those of you who didn't get a chance to listen to it.

I had a little bit of a hard time trying to decide what I wanted to do my takeaways on because I had a few different ideas. But I settled on sharing 3 takeaways for self-care.  I think there are a lot us who take care of so many other things that we forget that it's important (probably one of the most important things) to take care of ourselves. Me, for example. I usually write my Monday posts on Friday...I'm writing this post on Sunday night after an exhausting day of kids and church and responsibilities. I feel so tired but remembered that I needed to get a post ready for Monday.  This weekend was a busy one, and I didn't get much self-care time. That being said, part of my self-care time is blogging so I'm doing it now :).

So here are my 3 takeaways:

1. Do one thing every single day to refill your tank. It can be anything that you enjoy. For me, it's usually running or reading. Sometimes it's just taking a little longer shower than normal. If you find one thing that you love and can fit into your day, you will feel much more taken care of and ready to tackle the other things.

2. Prioritize. This goes two ways. You need to prioritize your to-do list so that you have time to do things for yourself. But you also need to make sure to make you're you-time a priority. It is a priority. You can't take care of everyone else all the time if you're not taking care of yourself.  This might mean making your you-time first thing in the morning before anyone wakes up or it might mean letting your kids watch an extra show during the day so you can have a few minutes to yourself. And that's ok.

3. Live a healthy lifestyle. There are a lot of different health fads out there, I'm not an expert. But I try to make sure that, as far as nutrition goes, I eat mostly good foods and allow myself some indulgences. Ice cream, brownies, cookies, chocolate...they aren't bad things. Just make sure it's not the majority of what you eat.

Exercise regularly. There is a lot of proof out there to tell you that exercise makes you happier and feel better. Find what you enjoy the most and do it often. You'll feel better right away but the endorphins just get better.

If you're looking for an awesome podcast--even if you're not a parent right now, you should check out 3 in 30!

What are your 3 takeaways to taking care of yourself?

What is your favorite you-time activity?

Friday, October 19, 2018

Fast Friday

Friday! It's felt like Friday for a couple of days now for us because the kids have fall break this week. 

Since J is in school, and most of the other neighbor kids are also in school full time, M has been needing constant companions or constant entertainment.  I love this girl! But sometimes I need to take a breather with some alone time, ya know? So I started her on a project.  I gave her a basket and told her to fill it up with rocks from around the yard. Once she has lots of rocks, her next goal will be to make sure they are all clean and dry.  Then she can paint them on another day, and hide them for other people to find them.  I'm hoping it entertains her for a while.

On the days that M does have school, V has been my errand buddy. But once we are done with errands, we get to build Lego houses until it's time to pick M up from school.  We start getting really creative with how to make the houses different every time.

V is on a big Super Why kick so his costume works perfectly for this year.

I've been able to do some run/walks lately. Running is starting to feel a little bit better every time but I'm still taking it easy.  There is still some sign of injury there and I still have muscles to strengthen before I can be fully back to running.

M turned 5 this week! One of our favorite birthday traditions is for the kids to pick what kind of cake they want. She wanted to have a pumpkin patch cake so this is what we came up with. We also don't normally do big friend birthday parties, but this year we are doing one for her, just a few days late. So I'll share more about her birthday later.

Don't forget to enter the giveaway to win the Tiger Tail, it ends on Monday!  I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

Who has a race coming up?

Anyone with October birthdays?

Who else is on fall break?

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

What Happens When I Don't Run

Hi everyone! I feel like it's been a while since I've talked to any of my "online friends" because I took a social media fast for a week and now I'm back.  I sat down to write something that would be hopefully a benefit to someone out there but I'm so uninspired lately haha! It made me decide to talk about the things that happen when I don't run since I normally talk about the things that happen when I do run, and I'm currently not running much.

When I don't run...

I get really lazy.  I sit around a lot, I sleep in a lot, I don't do much productive at all.

I get more grouchy.  Exercise is proven to help boost your mood, and I'm feeling the lack of exercise in this area. Added to the fact that it's super cold here in Utah now. My poor kids. I try really hard to be a happy mom, I do. But let's be honest, it doesn't always happen that way for anyone, right?

I get really uninspired. This post for example.  When I run, my creative juices get flowing and I can come up with several blog posts/Instagram posts in one 3 mile run. 

I start to gather random projects. I think this might be to compensate for the point above. Suddenly I want to do all the quilts, sewing, or painting projects.

I get antsy for something and I don't always know what it is.  I start cleaning out my closet and my kid's closets and all the other places in our house and then I start to donate or sell things. Maybe this isn't a running thing but a season change thing?

I eat a lot worse. I've talked about this before, how I don't follow any kind of diet. I'm a big believer that you need to enjoy the food you eat. I think a lot of people make eating way too hard for themselves. But when I'm not running, all discipline on any kind of good eating kind of goes out the window. I crave a lot of less healthy things and I give in to those cravings a lot.  When I run, I am much better at making conscious healthy choices. 

I don't sleep well.  I can't tell you how terribly I have been sleeping the last month or so.  Between kids with bad dreams and my random wakings at night, you think I had a newborn. I don't, I'm just not running. 

I get stressed out a lot easier. I think this is a given for anyone. If you workout, your stress level goes down. 

My house gets a lot messier. This goes back to my first point of laziness. I just don't have the motivation to clean it when I don't have the energy to clean it. 

Clearly, you can see that I need exercise in my life. Right now I'm working on mostly strength training and doing some run/walking. But hopefully, soon I'll be able to do it more often and better! 

Do you find things are different when you're not exercising regularly?

What is the longest amount of time you've gone without working out?

Monday, October 15, 2018

Body Wrench vs Foam Roller vs Tiger Tail and a Giveaway!

Foam rolling is something that everyone has a love/hate relationship with. I don't think I've ever heard someone talk about foam rolling without talking about how much they hate it but love it at the same time. I've been doing a lot of foam rolling lately, and have gathered a few different kinds of foam rollers over the last couple of years. Each foam roller I have has pros and cons to it and different things I use it for.

What these all have in common: They are all black and orange, and they all massage.

Our first type of foam roller we got isn't made out of foam at all.  Not only that, but it looks a little bit like a medieval torcher device when you first see it. This is called The Body Wrench.  Sounds pretty treacherous too, right? There are several different ways that you can use this roller. It came with an instructional DVD and instruction guide even. The Body Wrench is super versatile which is one thing that I love about it. There are several different ways you can set it up in order to massage different parts of your body. And, you can even use this as workout equipment for your core. My favorite way to use the Body Wrench, though, is to roll out knots in my back and shoulders with the single ball. You can get the Body Wrench with the carrying bag and the instructional DVD on Amazon for around $60.

A couple of years later Trevon got me this foam roller for my birthday. Mine came with a big roller and a small roller. They both have ridges to target pressure points. Honestly, I don't use the small one all that much. Partially because V tried to eat it a while ago, but also because I like the way the bigger one targets my muscles more. It's also a firmer material so it doesn't wear out too fast. We all know how foam rollers like this work. This saved me with my IT band and knee while I was training for my 5k! For a long time I didn't think I needed a foam roller, but the second I got this one I changed my mind! You can find one similar to it on Amazon for around $27.

Then for my birthday this year, Trevon got me another type of roller called the Tiger Tail. This one is my favorite! It does everything that a foam roller does, except I don't have to lay down on the ground to use it.  I can take it anywhere because of that. I've taken it to the park to use it while I watch the kids play. I've taken it to use in the car on road trips, I've used while watching TV and waiting for our dinner to cook. It's very easy to carry around.  Instead of laying down on it, you hold each side and roll it similar to rolling a rolling pin on the muscle that you need. You can use the ends of it to target back and glute muscles. The Tiger Tail is one piece of dense foam so there is no plastic to bruise you or pull hair out. It has two nonslip grip handles that are really comfortable to use.  If you're looking for a foam roller that works extremely well and is easy to take around. I would suggest this one every time. You can get it on Amazon for about $ 30.

Foam rolling is an important part of recovery so it's always nice to find a way to do that works for you! Once you start foam rolling you'll notice the difference that it's making in your training.

Tiger Tail is amazing and agreed to give away one of their classic Tiger Tails to one of you! To enter leave a comment here! For more entries, follow me on Facebook and Instagram, then leave a second comment here telling me what you did (I will be checking). The winner will be picked on Monday, October 22 and will have 24 hours to get back to me.

Do you have a favorite way to roll out your muscles?

What is your favorite form of recovery?

Friday, October 12, 2018

Fast Friday

We made it back to Friday. I feel like this week went pretty fast! So here are a few of the things we've been up to this week.

I let my hair dry naturally over the weekend. I always wanted curly hair growing up but my hair never worked out that way. After each kid, my hair got a little curlier and now that it's not so long it will hold better. Ok, so it's not super curly, but it passes as wavy and I'll take that.

I worked on Halloween costumes a lot this week. Sewing was also something I always wanted to be good at. But, whenever I get a pattern out for sewing I lose all confidence in my idea and want to back out.

Luckily, my mom saved me on this and once I got it all cut out it was easy to sew together. I'm getting a little more confident with my sewing.

These pens are some of my favorite pens ever. They are perfect for sewing and quilting, but also really great to just write with because they are erasable and come off with heat! The downside is that I've heard that if you write something and leave it in a hot car or something the writing will disappear. I also heard it will come back, I can't say if that's true or not though :). 

Fall arrived in our area...and turned to winter.  We haven't had snow (thank heaven) but it's been COLD! We've had rain all week! The good news is that it's bringing lots of pretty colors to our neighborhood. I was trying to get a picture of the color those mountains that were on fired just a few weeks ago. It didn't do it even close to justice, but we sure are thankful for the beauty and for that special place! 

Because of the weather, this week's lunches consisted of soup and sandwiches.

Also, lots of hot chocolate.

The other day I noticed that we had a bunch of tiny bugs on our kitchen floor. I swept them up and they came back the next day. So we took the drawers out in that area to see if we could find out where they were coming from. Turns out we had 6 BLACK WIDOWS in spot!! EW EW EW! We sprayed the whole area and then cleaned up the webs. I swear we clean a lot here! I'm positive there are more because our neighbors have also found a couple in their house. So this weekend will probably involve some more spraying in and around our house. 

One of the days this week M got up on my bed (she's not supposed to jump or play on our bed) but before I could tell her to get off, she did a flip. This is new to me and to her. I don't think she learned that in tumbling last year but I was too impressed to tell her to get off. So I took video of her instead to send it to Trevon.

With all the costume sewing going on around here, the kids have been practicing to go trick or treating. It's pretty fun to watch, but they end up taking all the toys all over the house so cleaning up the mess really isn't as fun.

I went running a little bit this week. My knee just can't make up its mind if it feels better or not.  But it felt good to get moving like that again for the time being.  

We are ready for the weekend! What are your weekend plans?

Are you running lately?

Do you have a Friday favorite to share?

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Time Saving Tips to Help You Maximize Your Time

Who doesn't love tips on saving time during your day? Time is something most of us wish we had more of. We have a list of things we need to get done and by the end of the day, we notice that only half of them got done. Time is also one of the most common excuses for why people don't eat right, sleep right or exercise. It's a big deal! And those are all important parts of your day. So, here are some great time-saving tips for you today.

Schedule: I've never been a big planner. I don't usually have lists of stuff that I have to do or time planned out for every little thing every day. But I do have a schedule for the week. I only have a few things that are set in stone time-wise like J and M getting to school and home again. I also make sure all of my laundry gets one all at once, two times a week.  As long as those things get done, the rest of my to-do list is on a "when I have time" basis.

Prioritize: This is probably the biggest piece of advice I can give when it comes to time management.  You make time for things that are important to you. Think about this: What is really the most important thing to do today? Whatever it is, try to focus on that thing first, then go to the next thing. You'll start to notice that you seem to have extra time in your day when you prioritize. You'll also start to notice that once you get yourself going and marking off your checklist, it will be so much easier for you to keep going. "A body in motion tends to stay in motion".

Along these same lines, try to maximize the time you have. Some things aren't worth multitasking with because they end up taking longer. But multitasking while you are running a load of laundry and baking bread for dinner (or cookies for fun, because that's more accurate) is a great way to use some extra time to get something else done. Just be sure to set the timer.

Organize: Make sure your house has a good organization plan so that when you're in a rush out the door, you always know where your keys and wallet are. You guys, one thing that has been really tricky about our house is that the storage is very dysfunctional and it's taken us 6 years to figure out any sort of system, but we are finally on to something.  You want to make sure you know where all of your stuff is, so when you need it, you can go grab it and get on the move again. When I'm worried about forgetting something I need to return, like a library book or a Redbox movie, I put it by my keys because in order to go anywhere I'll need those and when I grab them I know I'll see the movie and I'll remember to go drop it off on my way to run my other errands.

Don't waste time: Duh, this is a no-brainer. But it happens all the time. You think that you have two extra minutes before you have to leave so you can make that quick phone call. Before you know it, it's been 15 minutes and your friend is still telling you about the funny thing their kids did yesterday. Save those "to-dos" for last. If you leave for the bank two minutes early, you might get back early too and then you can make that phone call.

Pick and choose: Somedays we only have time for one thing. You can't be in two places at once, so don't agree to something you know you don't have time for. It's ok to say no to something that isn't on your to-do list. That being said, be kind to yourself and your kids, and be a little lenient on some things. It's good to be able to talk to an adult while the kids play once in a while.

Plan ahead: Everything goes way more smoothly when things are well planned in advance. Got to the grocery store with a list so you know exactly what you're going to buy.  Plan on at least one kid having a meltdown and pack a small treat or distraction so you can get the shopping done quicker without fighting a battle. Plan your errands smartly so you can save gas and time with less driving around. Make sure your potty training kids go to the bathroom before getting in the car so you don't have to make pit stops.

Phone-less time: This is a big one for a lot of people. Especially with so many different social media options out there.  Have a place that is just for your phone. Like I said earlier, our storage in our house is not very functional. I didn't have a special place for my phone until I made one with a shelf.  When I know my phone is becoming a big distraction. I set my phone up there and I don't go back unless it rings until I can get some things marked off my list.  When social media is becoming a distraction or a problem in any other way. I will delete the app altogether for a little while so that the temptation of looking at it, even out of habit, is gone.

Everyone has the same amount of hours in their day. If you do your best to be productive and do what you can to maximize your time, you won't be adding hours to your day, but you will be marking off more things every day!

What are your favorite tips for saving time or getting things done? 

What is your biggest time waster?

Monday, October 8, 2018

5k Your Way with Aaptiv

One of the things I love about Aaptiv is that they put out new challenges for everyone every so often. For the month of October, the challenge is 5k Your Way! I talked a little bit about this before, but I wanted to share more about it here so that you can join in the challenge too!

The whole point of 5k your way is to help you accomplish a goal of running a 5k however you want. Treadmill, elliptical, walking, running, trying to PR, any way you can think of. There are three different levels you can choose to start from.  And each level has workouts to help you and push you so you can reach your goal.

One thing I really love about these programs is that it's not just running! A lot of times when you find a running training schedule or plan it doesn't incorporate strength training in there so you have to find where to add it in your schedule and what to do. Each of these plans includes strength into the plan so there really is NO work in planning on your part. You just push start and go!

Then, on October 27 you will participate in a 5k race where ever/whenever you are! By completing the challenge, you could win a home gym or one of 10 runners-up prizes. You can sign up HERE.

Once you sign up, You find the 5k training program.

Choose 5K Your Way

And then choose the level you're wanting to start at.

Another thing that is really fun about this years 5k Your Way challenge is that they teamed up with Charity Miles so you can log your miles on that app to benefit a cause that you love every step of the way.

This year I won't be able to run it this year, because my knee is not happy right now. I need to take this time to really focus on strength training. But, where ever you are at in your training, this would be a great way to meet your goals. And it's FREE! So there's nothing to lose.

 Around this time of year, I usually start to pull back on my mileage and just run when my body feels like it.  I focus more on strength training or just really listening to my body and what I feel like doing.

If you're interested in doing the 5K Your Way program, you can sign up HERE. If you're looking for an awesome app that helps you workout and stay in shape, you can find that HERE.

How do you keep yourself in shape through the winter?

Have you ever done a virtual 5K?
This will be my first one!

Friday, October 5, 2018

Fast Friday

Hello Friday! A lot has happened this week so here's a Fast Friday recap for all of you :).

Last Saturday we made it back up to the cabin. 

We spent some time walking around to see the fire damage. It was so sad to see all the beautiful trees and colors gone!

But it was also really amazing to see the drastic difference between the burned trees and the safe ones.

On Monday we spent as much time outside in the nice weather as possible. A storm was coming in and it was probably the last warm day we will have until spring!

Then we went back up to the cabin to help prep for possible mudslides. The storm that was coming for us was the remnants of Hurricane Rosa so we expected a lot of rain. 

Tuesday this awesome package came for me from Fire House Subs. That was definitely a highlight of the week. 

On Wednesday the rains came in and we spent the day getting our fall decorations out. When you have a small place to decorate you have to be sure to not over-do it and make it cluttered. These little gourds are one of my favorite ways to decorate. 

The rain has still been making its appearance now and then. So we've spent a lot of time in the house cleaning and doing chores. The good news is I found the remote we've been missing for about a month.  It was in the couch.

I was able to run twice this week!  I'm doing a lot of run/walk intervals to get back this time around.  My knee is feeling pretty good but not perfect. I'll still be working on physical therapy exercises, but I feel like I'm getting somewhere with it now!

That's our week in a nutshell. What were the highlights of your week?

Has it felt more like fall or summer where you're at?

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Be More Positive During an Injury

I ran yesterday. Pain-free! I did a workout on Aaptiv that was a run/walk program, I chose that one so I wouldn't push myself too hard too soon, and while I was running something came to my mind that made so much sense to me. The thought was to not think of injuries as a setback or as a block in the road, but more of an obstacle to get over.

I think there are a lot of times that we get really discouraged when we get injured and it makes it a lot harder to heal from an injury when we have a bad attitude about it. We get antsy and rush back into running too fast and only make things worse. We think negative and sit around and mope about it so it takes longer for us to heal. Sometimes we even give up altogether. Thinking of injury that way isn't helping anyone.

Here's what happens when you start thinking about an injury in a more positive way:

You hear what your body is telling you.  Our bodies will always tell us what After training for and running my half marathon, my body needed a break. Even if I didn't want one. Being injured helped me hear that and listen to the clues. My body wasn't just telling me to take a break, it was also telling me that I needed to strengthen different muscles in my legs and the rest of my body. It was telling me that something in my form wasn't right and that I needed to get new shoes. Not just new shoes but that I need to get another running gait test to see if these are still the RIGHT shoes for me.

When I get injured lately I've been trying to remember that it's only temporary and that the more TLC I give my body the faster it will heal and be ready to run again.  If I take the opportunity to focus on strengthening my body, work on cross-training, and make sure to get a lot of stretching and foam rolling in, the time I have to take off from running is a lot shorter than if I just pretended it wasn't there. Also, when I focus on those things, I'm still getting a workout done, staying in better shape, AND I'm creating a new habit of strength training that I didn't have before. 

Being injured gives us a new chance to find things we like other than running. I know, there's no other workout I like more than running, but I did find out that I like strength training too. `

An injury also gives us a chance to step back and look at what we are missing in our lives that helps our bodies heal so that we can continue what we love. If you're someone who works out regularly, you need to treat your body like an athlete. It does not matter how fast you are or how much you can lift or anything like that. You need to make sure you're getting enough sleep, the right amount of calories, healthy food, and you need to also make sure you're stretching when you're tight, foam rolling when you're sore, and icing when you have a flare up of pain. Take care of yourself.

Injuries don't have to be all bad. Take it as an opportunity to look at what needs to be changed or adjusted.  Give yourself the TLC you need. And when you're ready to start running again, be willing to take a step back when your body tells you it's time.

What do you do when you get injured?

Are you good at taking a break from running?

Monday, October 1, 2018

Ideas For Kids Who Say "I'm Bored"

Now that it's October and the weather will be cooling off, I've been starting to think of the things to do when kids get bored and can't or won't play outside. We still have a few months before that happens, but I thought I'd share a few of my ideas with you so that if you get stuck in the same situation as I do with hearing "what can I do?" or "I'm bored". 

I shared a list of ideas when it was Just J around here, but now that my kids have each other and they are older, there are other things we do to entertain each other when they are bored, fighting or need something else to do.

Right now the girls are really into board games and card games. It's always a good change when they start feeling bored to have them pick out a game to play together or with me. This is also nice for me because, even though I normally drag my feet into the game, I always enjoy playing a quick game with them for some good quality time. And I've always loved games.

The same as games go for puzzles.  A few years ago my mom decided to clean out her basement and so I went and grabbed all my old puzzles and games before they made it to the donation pile.  Or at least some of them. The girls have loved doing my old puzzles and once I get helping them I always enjoy it again too.  There's something therapeutic about working with my hands.

Work on some kind of school work that they seem to be struggling with.  It doesn't have to be homework or assigned work. Make it fun and it will be a lot easier to get them to do it! When I was growing up my mom let me use shaving cream to practice my spelling and I loved doing that.  Last year J's school teacher made a whole bunch of math games and sent home with each kid.  That has been one easy way to get J to practice math, but M also joins in and learns math easier that way.

Look into and join in on your free local activities. Our library does so many different things for kids each season.  Sometimes they do painting activities or have a big room of construction stuff, they've done reading time and crafts, scavenger hunts and I-spy games. They are always free and we can usually spend an hour or more there. 

Indoor play areas are always a good option for getting some energy out.  In the colder months they are bound to be a little more crowded, so plan wisely about the time you go and makes sure to take the hand sanitizer with you! But indoor playgrounds are a great idea for young kids waiting for siblings to get out of school or for when they want to go to the park but it's too cold. 

Do an act of service.  My kids are getting to the age where they understand more about what service is. But even with really young kids, teaching them about service through example is always a great idea. Make some cookies for someone, draw a picture or write a letter for a friend, even just inviting your kids to serve their siblings by doing one of their chores for them without being asked are all really good and easy ways to serve someone.

Teach your kids a new skill. Something that I grew up doing with my grandma was quilting. That's always been something I've hoped my daughters would have an interest in and want to learn about.  They are still a little bit young for this, but if I can find ways to let them help here and there, they get more interested in it and enjoy the time they spend helping me on it.

Even with a month or so left until we get some bad weather in our area I'm getting ready for the changing seasons and I hope this list gives you some good ideas of what you can do when your kids come in saying "I'm bored!!"

What is an activity you used to love as a kid?

How do you keep your kis happy when it's not good enough weather to send them outside?

Friday, September 28, 2018

Fast Friday

Happy Friday everyone! I'm so ready for a weekend even though we had a fun/weird week.  Here are a few things that happened this week.

Saturday night was date night for us. We got to go see the comedian Ryan Hamilton live. We first heard about Ryan because our Idaho family is from the same town as he is.  They showed us some of his stuff and we loved how funny he is, and he's clean!  It was a great date night.

On Sunday as I was getting ready for church, I put this sweater on that I've been wearing for a couple of weeks now.  As I pulled it on I saw the tag said "kid's duster" and I realized I've been wearing a child's sized sweater around and that's why the sleeves were a little tighter than normal. That's how small I am guys, I can fit into a sweater that fits my 7-year-old. The sweater is just a little tighter in the arms, and it's shorter on me (like a normal sweater and not a long one).  I wasn't sure how to feel about this or if I should just keep wearing it or give it to J. Also, please ignore the mess. Sunday mornings are not as restful and smooth as we wish they were :).

We drove up Tuesday night to Idaho to attend Trevon's grandma's funeral.  We didn't get to spend a lot of time with family since the funeral was in the middle of the week, but we enjoyed the time with family that we got. 

Grandma Betty welcomed me to the family instantly and treated me like her own the day she met me.  She was always a great conversationalist and had a great sense of humor. 

We will miss her but we know she's happy now with Grandpa (who I never got to meet, but will someday). She died two days before her 88th birthday so she got to spend her birthday with him. 

Dealing with death has never been easy for me (I don't think it's very easy for many people) but it's even a little harder now thanks to anxiety. Death is a trigger for me and what started my anxiety problems in the first place when my Grandma Ann died. We drove home Wednesday night, and though we wished he had more time with the family, I was very happy to be in my own bed and get a good nights rest! 

While we were in Idaho, we stayed at an Airbnb for the first time and it was fun! We stayed with Trevon's dad and brothers and their families.  We watched What About Bob? as a family, which is something I've wanted to do for a long time because it's my favorite comedy and our Idaho family hadn't seen it! And when we walked into the kitchen I had to stop because I remembered that I had a dream about that kitchen with Trevon's family months ago! Does anyone else have that happen?

Thursday was supposed to be our catch up day but I slacked off and V and I went Halloween costume shopping instead. We scored a great deal on J's costume but didn't find anything for the other costumes yet. V was pretty interested in this mask, but he was terrified of the scary horse and talked about it the whole way home from the store haha, poor kid. 

I made sure to get some strength training in, but not much else this week. I did get the ok to try run/walk to start out with! I'll be doing that soon and fingers crossed I'll feel good while I'm running!

I hope you all have a great weekend! 

What are your weekend plans?

Do you dress up for Halloween? 

Ever dream about things and then have them happen?