Monday, December 25, 2017

Our Ride on the Polar Express

Merry Christmas! I hope you're all having a fantastic day. I just wanted to share a quick post about one of the fun things we did for the week of Christmas this year.  The girls really love the story and movie of The Polar Express and we thought it would be so special and fun for them to be able to actually ride "the polar express". 

We are super lucky to have a passenger train close by too! I remember riding the Heber Creeper a couple of times growing up and thinking it was pretty neat. So when we found out that they do a North Pole Express ride we decided to buy tickets in July.  Then Trevon found Polar Express ticket look-alikes online and we printed them out, taped them up so they would look more real and Santa sent them to the kids in the mail.

We had dinner in Heber, just a few minutes away from the train station, at the Dairy Keen.

And then we headed to the train station and boarded.

They let you pick anywhere in the car that you reserved a seat for, so you want to get there early enough to make sure that you get to sit with your family.

Once the train got moving, they played music and passed out cookies and hot chocolate (just like the book) 

They took us to the  "North Pole" where we picked Santa up for the ride home.  He went car by car to wish the kids all a Merry Christmas and give them a special Christmas bell as a gift. He was really good to take his time visiting for a minute with every kid.

Then we all sang Christmas songs on the way back to the station. It was a fun little activity to do. The kids loved it (even though V was a little restless being stuck in the train and not being able to run around too much). 

It made for a special night and helped us feel the Christmas spirit a little bit more. I hope you all have a great Christmas. I'll be back Wednesday to visit with you some more.

Is there anything neat that they do for Christmas in your area?

What is your favorite Christmas tradition?

Is there anything your parents did for you growing up that made Christmas extra special?

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