Friday, December 22, 2017

How I Lace My Running Shoes

I had my yearly physical appointment earlier this week which went pretty well.  After the visit the doctor asked me why I lace my shoes the way that I do (I wear my old running shoes as everyday shoes when I get a new pair). So I told her. When I was running in high school, my foot would sometimes fall asleep and it drove me crazy! So when I got my next pair of shoes I asked if they had any idea of why that would happen. And they showed me how to lace my shoes differently. I've never laced my shoes any different since then and it seems to help. So here's step by step in pictures of how I lace my running shoes.

1. Start out like normal.

2. Instead of criss crossing, lace it straight up one hole. 

3. Cross it through the loop on the tounge. This helps keep the tounge in place and I'd think you should lace your shoes through this all the time. It would be super annoying to have the tounge of your shoe keep sliding down when you run or walk. 

4. Skip a hole and criss cross through the next hole.

5. Lace stright to the next hole to make two loops. Then criss cross your laces and put each lace in a loop. This helps keep your shoe tight on your ankle so it won't move around too much even though it's loose on the top of your foot. 

6. Then double knot tie them, I like to flip my bow under my laces so that it holds it just a little better, and it won't flop around and hit me in the shins. I can't ever remember having a problem with my shoe laces randomly coming untied when I do this. 

You might recognize this as wide foot lacing. I honestly never thought I had wide feet until I had kids and 2 out of the three have really wide feet.  But I'm not even sure that's why my feet fall asleep sometimes.  I do know that lacing my shoes like this seems to help give me enough looseness in my shoes to keep my feet from going numb and still keep them comfortably tight so that I don't feel like they will fall off or that my feet are sliding around.

Do you have narrow or wide feet?

Is there something you do that you're not sure why it works but it does?


  1. Interesting! I never thought about it. Thanks for sharing such a detailed information here. I was wondering from where I should buy shoes for running. I have bought comfortable Leggings already but I need a good pair of shoe. Can you please help me with that?

    1. I would suggest buying from a local running store, at least for the first time. They can do a gait analysis which is when they will watch you run and help you find the perfect shoe for you. I hope you find some that you love!