Friday, December 15, 2017

Fast Friday Favorites

It's been quite a while since we last caught up on normal life things, so here's a little update on the family.

It's cold here but not snowy, and in Utah, that means lots of gross air. But, it also means we get some pretty cool sunsets now and then.

We had a really exciting thing happen a week ago! My brother in law came home from living in Texas for two years while he served as a missionary for our church. It's been so fun to support a missionary again (Trevon was the last one I wrote/sent packages to regularly and that was 10 years ago). It was really great to see him with all the nieces and nephews again. He got to meet V for the first time and it didn't take long for V to warm up and be comfortable around him.

We have some really fun projects going on right now. Santa has asked for some backup help because his elves are so busy. J asked for a Barbie doll house, and M asked for a baby cradle and baby doll. V didn't ask because he's pretty oblivious at this point to what's going on. Big progress has been made since this last picture, and when it's done you'll see a finished picture! 

It's cold here...did I already say that? When I was running some errands this week, I looked out off the hill and saw this amazing sight.  Times like this always make me wish I still carried my nice camera everywhere with me, but that's just not super practical when you have 3 kids and a diaper bag to tow around. That's not snow, that's frost on the trees.  

M and V are becoming good friends. It's so fun to see them be nice to each other and actually play together! I looked back while we were in the car the other day and saw them holding hands. 

And now for some Friday Favorites!

Trevon's work gave us a kneaders gift basket as part of their Christmas gift. It had this amazing cinnamon bread and caramel syrup in there. It took me half the loaf to realize that this would taste amazing, but I toasted the bread and put the syrup on top.  It is probably my favorite syrup now.

We've been going to the library a lot lately. One of my favorite things that our library does is pull holiday books and put them all in one spot so you can find something to read for each holiday. This is my favorite Christmas book we checked out this week. 

Finding change is a favorite thing of mine. 35 cents richer, WOO WOO! 

And finally, I tried this hot chocolate at Costco last week and I haven't stopped thinking about it. I'm not even much of a peppermint fan, but this got me! So I made sure to buy the last one (I stopped a worker who happened to pass me while bringing it back to the shelf and asked her where to get it, she said this was the last one. And I bought it) so sorry to those looking for it at our's gone now. I'm sure they will get another shipment of it at some point, though. 

What was your highlight of the week?

Any Friday Favorites to share?

Do you like peppermint?

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