Friday, December 8, 2017

Coached Running is Hard For Me

The other day while I was running (this is how/when I come up with 90% of my blog post ideas if you haven't noticed), I was listening to the 10k training on Aaptiv and I realized that having a coach is great, but can also be really hard for me.

It took me back to my high school days and I remembered how much I struggled to listen to my trainers and coaches say "hey, just take a week to fully recover before you start running at all again" And then I'd go running on my own.  I was already very aware that I had (have?) a problem with taking the right amount of time off for recovery, this is something I'm working on slowly.

But the other day, while I was doing an easy paced endurance run, I noticed that it was extremely hard for me to not speed up towards the end of the run when I felt like I had more that I could give. The trainer kept saying "stay at that exact pace, don't slow down and don't speed up." and I would push the up button on the speed. After doing this a couple of times I noticed that I have a problem with listening.

And I realized that I've always had a problem with this because it took me back to my high school days again when my coach would say "ok, we're going to do this 3 mile run" and I'd think "I hate that run." but really I can't say that I hated those runs because I would do them on my own all of the time. STUBBORN! The first step to fixing this problem is admitting it, right?

Basically what this all comes down to is that I am stubborn. I LOVE having aaptiv and having someone give me an actual training schedule because I honestly don't think that I've ever had a real training guide or schedule. There have been definite pluses to having a trainer. I have for sure improved on my speed, and I'm going to keep using the app so that I can keep improving. But, I'm also just kind of a solo runner. I think my comfort zone is just doing what my body feels like doing, though, instead of doing what a coach is telling me to do.

It is also really hard for me to not push myself, even when I know that slowing down in my practice runs will help me run faster on race day. I've noticed that it's not hard for me to listen when the coach is asking me to do another interval as much as it is when the coach is asking me to stay at a slow, steady pace. Maybe that part of this is because I don't push myself hard enough from the beginning of my endurance runs. But probably, I just need to let myself remember that easy runs are a really good thing. I don't need to be exhausted at the end of my run. And I'm learning to be a better listener and trust what the trainer says and not what my body says. (But, still listen to your body when it's telling you that you're in bad pain).

Have you ever done a training plan or worked with a coach?

Are you a stubborn person?

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  1. Okay, I'm not a runner but I am a stubborn perfectionist and I know exactly how it feels to be almost physically unable to stop short of giving it your absolute all, all the time. It's a struggle.