Friday, December 29, 2017

2017 Year in Review in Pictures

I debated even doing a year in review post.  This year was kind of a beast for our family and I feel like a lot of it would sound like complaining. But there was a lot of good that happened (sometimes you just have to look harder for the good), and as this blog also serves as a kind of journal for me, I decided to go ahead and do it and try to make it as positive as possible :)

We got to go tubing with Trevon's work to start out the year. V got to stay with Trevon's mom while we took the girls. He was too little to ride. But we got lots of fun tubing, some nice hot chocolate and donuts to eat and some really great family time.

We had a few uneventful months, aside from food poisoning we didn't have a whole lot until Easter. We had an Easter egg hunt and hot dog roast.  

In April we had some huge life changes that were hard. The biggest change was my grandma dying very suddenly.  She was a huge part of my life from the day I was born. My kids knew her well and we saw her at least a couple times a week.  She has been missed, but because I have her to remember, I feel like it's made me a better person.

We bought our camper "Kit" and remodeled it through the early summer. It was a really great project for me to keep myself busy and channel my stress/anxiety/sadness after my grandma died into that. I am extremely proud of the way it turned out. It also helped me pick blogging back up!

The first day we started work on the camper, V fell off the top bunk and hit his face on the table bench below. First trip to the ER with any of our kids. We were super thankful that he was completely fine except for a black eye.

We did a ton of stuff over the summer. Keeping busy was a really big blessing for me. I was busy with my church calling, and working on healing from shock and depression. I suddenly had anxiety come up in my life and would lose hours of sleep most nights for the first few months. So being busy was a really good way for me to stay sain.

We went swimming a lot.

J ran her first race.

V turned 1 year old!

We went to Lagoon with Trevon's work.

We played with cousins.

We went to the cabin and crossed off a bucket list item to go to the steel cabin that I've heard about my whole life.

There were a lot of friend/family weddings this year.

Had a backyard campout with neighbors.

We saw a lot of rainstorms and rainbows.

We went camping.

We went to the aquarium.

We watched the eclipse.

J turned 6!

I did a lot of running.

And I chopped my hair off.

Then summer was over and school started faster than a blink! J started first grade and M started pre-school.

We kept busy for the rest of the year. I think keeping busy was a big part of coping with all the changes and stresses that I've been feeling.  I started running more in the mornings and got to see some really amazing sunrises. I used to hate running first thing in the morning and now I don't mind it at all. I can run just about any time of day now.

We took a family trip to Idaho to visit Trevon's family. We try to do this at least once a year.  It's a great time to relax and enjoy not having to worry about anything. We went to bear world and got to see some fun animals and ride on their mini amusement park.

I ran my only 5k of the whole year. It was a chilly day! Next year I plan on running a few more than that.

We took family pictures.

Trevon and I were able to take an overnighter to St George for our anniversary. We stayed with my cousin and her husband. We went hiking and then to the Tuachan to see Newsies.

Then M turned 4!

We spent fall break in Bryce Canyon hiking. It was a blast! The kids all had a great time even if it was a quick trip.

We spent some time at some pumpkin patches. Our favorite one was just 2 minutes from our house!

For Halloween, we were a ninja turtle, a bandit, Elsa, Merida, and a lumberjack.

We battled lice and won. We all survived (except the lice) thanks to my mom for buying the lice spray and my neighbor for bringing us dinner so I could focus on cleaning every inch of our house.

I ran a lot more (of course) and learned how to meditate to help me battle anxiety.

We enjoyed Thanksgiving with our families. 

Then we got to pick Trevon's brother up from serving a mission for 2 years in Texas. 

We had a fun Christmas season!  Santa delivered big time at our house.

And that's it, those are the highlights of our year! Looking back at it, we did a lot of great things, even with all the trials we went through.  Now on to 2018, please be good to us.

What was your biggest highlight of your year?

Are you excited or sad to see 2017 go?

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