Monday, November 27, 2017

What To Get a Runner for Christmas (11 Great Gift Ideas for Runners by a Runner)

Christmas is coming up, I can't believe I'm already saying that, but it's true!  Christmas is four weeks away! And I'm sure your list keeps growing with what you need to get. Not to mention it's Cyber Monday! If you have any runners (or many runners) on your list, sometimes it's hard to know what to get to support them in their running. So, here are some of my favorite gifts to give (and get) to runners.

  • The obvious gift would be shoes. Sneak into your runner's closet and find out what kind of shoe they like. Take a picture if you can't tell what it is, the nice helpers at the running store near you will know. Don't forget to check the size!!

  • Socks are another one of my favorite running gifts. I love THESE bamboo socks because they are super comfortable and breathable. They are also sweat wicking.
  • As a runner, I'm always looking for new running clothes. This is something that I never really want to spend money on myself but I love when I get a new running tank top or shorts!  Right now longer pants and long sleeves are better weather wise, but come spring I'm going to be wanting a nice, lightweight tank top to help me stay cool through the summer running months.
  • A nice new water bottle to help them stay hydrated is always a great idea. THIS is my favorite water bottle to have around the house (or to take with me in the car).
  • A lot of runners carry things with them while they are running. But it can be really annoying to carry things in your hands while you run, some shorts have pockets but a lot of them are inconvenient to get to, and some belts move and rub when you step.  Getting them this RooSport might be a huge game changer for them. It might be the best gift they could get this year! I love mine and I love that I can use mine for more than just running. When I wear leggings that don't have pockets, I use my Roosport as a pocket to put my phone in.
  • Is your runner a half or a full marathoner? If so, find out what their favorite energy gel (or other kinds of running fuel) is and buy them a pack. Most of the time runners don't worry about gels unless they are running longer races, there's no reason to use these things if they are a 5k runner.
  • One thing that most people don't think of getting a runner is a race entry.  Find out what kind of race they prefer to run (make sure they don't already have an entry into the race of your choice) and pay for a bib for them.  Just know that races can get pricey depending on what the race is for, where it's at, and how long it is.
  • If your runner is someone who likes to run with music, you could always gift them some music with an iTunes or Amazon gift card. I'm always on the lookout for new running music.
  • To go along with their music, a new pair of running headphones are always nice. I love the Bluetooth headphones because I don't have to battle a cord when my arms start swinging. Make sure to get a set that is compatible with their phone.
  • Foam rollers are great gifts because they start to wear out after lots of use. And runners like to use foam rollers a lot to make sure their muscles won't be tight and sore for their runs and their races.
  • I've never used this product personally, but a lot of runners like to run with Garmin watches. I don't use one because I don't have one. But if I did, I would definitely use it. 

Do you have runners to buy Christmas gifts for?

Are you a runner who hopes to get something for running for Christmas?


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