Wednesday, November 29, 2017

How To Know it's Time for New Running Shoes

How do you know it's time to get new running shoes? One of the most asked questions about running you hear.  I was going to try to wait until Christmas so that Trevon could use my new running shoes as a gift, but it was time. Let me tell you how I know when it's time for me to get new running shoes.

Most running shoes last for about 300-500 miles.  That's quite the range, and the length of time totally depends on you. Your weight, how often and how far you run, and your form and heel strike. So knowing when it's time can be a little tricky. But here are 3 ways to know it's time to get new running shoes.

Your Body Will Tell you

Pay attention to your body.  One of the first signs that it's time for new shoes is random naggy aches and pains during or after doing a regular easy run.  You're going to be a little sore after your harder runs, but you should feel good during and after your easy runs. This is usually how I can tell first that it's time to get new shoes. My feet were starting to hurt after my run so I knew it was time to trade my Brookes for some new shoes. These aches and pains don't just happen with worn out shoes, but if you just got new shoes and they are a different brand than normal, it may mean that you got the wrong pair of shoes for you.  If you're noticing random aches it's time to start noticing your shoes more.

Your Shoes Look Tired

Look at your shoes. You can tell when your shoes are worn down by looking at the bottom of your shoe and the midsole of your shoe. Look at the tread on the bottom of your shoes. If the tread is worn down a lot or worn down unevenly, it's time to replace them.  This all depends on running gait. My feet pronate a little so my wearing gets uneven. You can definitely tell where my foot lands when I look at the bottom of my old shoes. Running on uneven tread can eventually lead to injury.

Most new running shoes are pretty stiff and you shouldn't be able to twist them at all. So with your old run try twisting them. one hand on the shoe heel, one hand on the toe and twist them the opposite ways. If they twist fairly easy, they are worn out and it's time to get new shoes.

When the foam on the midsole of the shoe has a lot of creases in it, it's time to start thinking about new shoes. A well-worn pair of shoes will have lots of big, deep creases in the foam.

If you think it might be time to change shoes, go to a running store and try on the new model of the same shoes you have. If you put your old shoes back on and they feel dead or flat, get the new shoes.

The Miles Add Up

Like I said at the beginning, running shoes usually last around 500 miles. Try to add up the miles since you last bought the shoes.  I can also estimate this on the amount of time I've had the shoes because my training hasn't changed a lot since I've bought the old shoes. So for me, these shoes lasted about 18 months. (That's pretty good for running shoes).

When was the last time you bought new shoes?

What is the easiest way for you to know it's time for new shoes?


  1. Yep, it def looks like I need some new running shoes..even though I do not run. I dont even know the last time I bought new shoes for running/walking/working out. Haha! I do walk a lot and I enjoyed your tips. Thanks for sharing!

    1. It’s amazing what a new pair of workout shoes can do for you. Have a great day Stacie!

  2. So helpful! I always end up using my shoes for WAY too long and my feet pay for it. These are great ways to tell if it's time!

    1. I’ve done that too and ended up injured! It took me a long time to learn that good shoes make a big difference

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