Friday, November 3, 2017

Fast Friday Favorites

Hey Everyone, I hope you're having a great Friday and I'm sure you're all ready for the weekend!! We had a lot of stuff going on this week so I thought I'd share a little bit of that today as well as some of my favorite things I've been loving lately.

It started out with some really great weather and M enjoying some sandbox time. We got this sandbox when we moved into this house and J and M loved playing in it for a long time. I thought V would love it by now, but he spends most of the time trying to eat the sand instead of play with it. We haven't used it much this year so I was super excited that M wanted to play in it for a while.

Then I chopped my finger instead of the onions I was using to make dinner. It was bleeding enough that I thought it might need stitches, so I texted this picture to my brother (He's a DR.) and he said it looked like it wouldn't need stitches, THANK HEAVEN! 

We went to a fun pumpkin patch near us and spent a few hours there. It was really cheap and the kids were so entertained! Our favorite things about the pumpkin patch: Duck racing, the corn pit, and picking our own pumpkins. (They give you $2 per wristband that gets you into the pumpkin patch, so our pumpkins ended up being free). If you live in Utah County, you should go check out Mccords pumpkin patch! 

For Halloween, we had lots of parties. J and M both had school parties and we had our annual skeleton soup party for my family, which I was in charge of this year. So we spent the day partying hard. I made these cute jack-o-lantern oranges and ghost cheese sticks for the kids (because they are always way too excited to eat well and I knew they would at least eat these).

Trevon needed to dress up for work. He went as a ninja turtle and made the costume himself with old t-shirts and a washable marker. He just traced his own body on the shirt and drew a turtle shell on the back of it. Yes, that's what he looks like. 

The kids were Elsa, A lumber jack, and Merida. M's hair is never curly. It never stays curly when I use a curling iron. (I used straws to curl it. If that's something you want to know more about, let me know and I'll talk more about that) so I'm very happy that I got it to stay curly all day long. 

I was feeling a little left out and had NO costume ideas. So I looked in my closet and decided to make a bandit costume out of clothes that I always wear anyway. Super easy and free. Made the mask out of leftover felt from last years costumes. The only problem is, now I'm not sure I can wear this outfit without thinking that I look like a bandit. Don't mind my messy house. I made this costume while M and V distroyed the house. That's kind of a normal thing around here lately. 

We had a fantastic Halloween and the girls got buckets of candy...literally, I'm pretty sure we will have candy until next year. Unless I eat it all then it will only last a few weeks. I hope you had a fun one too!

And now for some Friday Favorites!

My favorite blender bottle right now is the SportsMixer Sleek! I've tried a lot of different blender bottles (which I'm hoping to review and talk about soon) and this one is my favorite. It comes in several different colors too so you can choose one that fits you best. 

My favorite everyday shoes are HERE . You can also use them as running shoes, but I honestly haven't run in them yet. My cousin gave me some and I've used them a lot for walking around/everyday shoes and they are very comfortable!

Four years ago Trevon got me the whole Harry Potter series on Blu-ray. I'm a really big fan, but I try to contain it a little. So we started what has become one of my favorite traditions. We watch one movie a week (Usually on Fridays or Saturdays for our date night) from the weekend before Halloween to the weekend before Christmas. It really is one of my favorite things we do together.

I needed a new fall candle for our house. I like to light candles to help me feel more into the spirit of the holidays. When it's nice weather I'm happy with freshening my home with opened windows now and then, but when it gets cold and I can't do that, I like to light a candle. Actually, I'd rather use my candle warmer and just have different scents to put in there when I want. Anyway, I got THIS candle (because I couldn't find the scents at the time) and I really love the smell.

If you're looking for a new running/eating/random podcast to listen to, check out Monica's Run Eat Repeat podcast. She has a blog too. I just love her because she's so happy and honest and random. I
feel like it's because I'm kind of random.

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