Friday, October 6, 2017

Using Tabata for Running

The struggle to get out of bed for a run was real. The fact that it is now not just dark but cold outside when I get up makes me want to quit morning runs altogether. I already miss summer. But I got up and did some speed on the treadmill which I will talk a little bit about later.

I made this delicious omelet for breakfast this morning. 3 eggs, sausage, pepper, onion, tomatoes and a whole ton of cheese. 

The rest of the morning consisted of either taking garbage away from V so he won't eat it or cleaning up messes he was constantly making. He woke up mischevious!! We had a rough day. This picture is V throwing a fit because I was guarding the garbage so he would quit digging through it. 

After laundry, cleaning, guarding the garbage can/drawers, vacuuming and getting the kids lunch, I took a minute outside for some mommy time. I needed quiet and sun and nature. And when I can't get that in a run during the day I have to get it somewhere else. 

I take V up to my parent's house to work and let him nap while M is in preschool some days so that I have to leave to get the girls from school and he's still napping I don't have to wake him up. Today he fought that nap hard, and then he finally went to sleep so I went to check on him, he took his shirt off and fell asleep like this. He needed it. 


One of my favorite speed workouts to do is Tabata. You can use Tabata in so many different ways but I'm going to specifically talk about using it for running today. It's really self-explanatory and it can be used outside (my favorite) or on a treadmill. 

So Tabata is usually used in a strength training setting. It's a HIIT workout that splits certain workouts into a 3-4 minute interval where you go hard doing one move for 20 seconds and then take 10 seconds off.  It's a lot harder than it sounds. 

I use it for running too, though, in a couple of different ways.  Sometimes I plan it out for my speed workout.  I'll sprint, or go race pace (depending on how long my run is going to be) for 20 seconds and then slow down to a jog for 10 seconds. Other times I'll be listening to my music while I'm running and if my Tabata song comes on I just go with it. It helps me speed my pace, especially on days that I feel like I'm struggling, and it mixes up my run so that I don't get bored on a treadmill.

I think one of the trickiest things about Tabata can be knowing when to start and stop if you haven't done it before and it's a little annoying to have to keep looking at the time while you're running. There are a lot of tools you can find to make Tabata easier for you.  There are a lot of free Tabata timer apps you can download that will tell you when to push yourself and when to rest and when your workout is over. They make it really handy to use so that you don't have to time yourself on your phone or on your watch. There are also Tabata songs that you can use. This is my favorite Tabata tools to use because it has someone telling you when to start and stop and it has music with it to keep you going. You can download those HERE, HERE, and HERE.

If you're looking for a new way to incorporate speed into your workout. Tabata is one of my favorite ways to do that whether it's in between strength training or running. 

What is your favorite ways to make eggs?

Do you have a favorite speed workout?

Where do you go when you need a time out from your kids? 
     I've hidden in the pantry, bathroom, and backyard a lot.

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