Monday, October 2, 2017

Our Weekend and Time Off

Thursday started out our weekend (even though we still had school and work Friday) with a trip to some bouncy houses with some good friends of ours. We have known them since high school and we love when we get to spend time visiting while our kids play together. As you can see, it was a really fun time.

I've been deep cleaning lately. This happens when I start to feel like there is no room in my house that stays clean (I have a toddler so right now nothing is clean ever).  Since V is at the age that he pulls everything out of drawers and cupboards and anything else he can get a hold of, the only way I get cleaning done sometimes is by strapping him in the stroller and pushing him around while I clean from room to room. He thought it was great the first few times but as you can tell, he caught on to the fact that he can't run around undoing everything I'm doing and isn't a fan of it anymore.

We spent the rest of the weekend watching General Conference, which is a conference that our church holds for two days every six months. We stay home and watch it on TV or the internet and I love it. I love it because I feel very renewed and enlightened and because I feel like I can get a lot of stuff done while I'm listening. On Saturday I made the girls some playdough (I used a recipe my mom used to use for me when I was little), I cleaned out all J's school drawers, yes drawerS. She had way too many papers piled in there from the past 3 years.  And I cleaned out some of the toys that were broken or that the kids don't play with anymore while the girls weren't home and V was watching ABC songs on TV. 

On Sunday we got dinner going in the crockpot and then I made a cake. Trevon got me these really nice cake pans for my birthday, and with M's birthday coming up I decided I'd better give them a test run before I try making her cake. I'm an OK baker, but for some reason when it comes down to birthdays my cakes always have some fail that I have to doctor up. 

We had cake for dessert and then my mom let us know that she had made a pie and we could come have some. My mom's pie is the best pie. You can't argue because there's no one who makes a better pie. Marie Calendar's pie tastes like cardboard compared to my mom's. Ok, Marie Calendars is still good don't say no to my mom's pie. So I took the kids up and we had some and they ran around and played with their cousins. 


So if you read my posts last week, I talked a little bit about how I had a race this weekend and I wasn't sure I was going to run it. I didn't end up running it after all. Thursday and Friday I felt kind of burned out.  And while I really wanted to run that race and I really didn't want to take any time off, I decided to take time off anyway because my body needed it. It's much better to take a few days off when you're feeling some problems coming than it is to push through and be forced to take weeks or months off later because of injury.  

This week I'll add a little more strength training to my running just to help me mix things up a little bit, and take the time off when I don't feel like doing anything. Maybe mixing things up with get me out of a rut and help my body stay happy and healthy. 

What was your weekend like?

When do you get the most cleaning/organizing done?

What do you do to switch up your workout routine?

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