Friday, October 20, 2017

M's Birthday and Fall Time Running Favorites

Tuesday was M's birthday so we had a lot of celebrating to do!  We started out by making her cake. I let my kids pick whatever kind of cake they want and I do my best to make it for them. Sometimes it doesn't turn out great but M is pretty easy to please when it comes to cakes.  She wanted a sprinkle covered cake. Nothing but sprinkles. It was really easy to make so I suggest trying it out.

I also make cupcakes because we have a lot of kids come.  If you need a good buttercream frosting recipe that is easy to decorate with, I use THIS one. I have always had a hard time with frosting for some reason, but this one always turns out good for me.

Then M had a field trip for school. What a perfect day for a field trip than your birthday!? We went to a pumpkin patch and V got to skip a nap to go too. I was worried that he would be a fuss the whole time but he did pretty good.

Their favorite thing was probably this slide. It was really fast and kind of bumpy and I think I may have bruised my bum going down it several times with the kids.  At one point we had me, M, V and my neighbor boy who is in M's preschool class with her, all going down at the same time.

They also had these fun little peddle tractors that they could race around their track and they loved those too.  

After they all picked a small pumpkin, we went home and I got to work cleaning the house for the birthday party while M watched a movie. And it occurred to me that cleaning before a party is sometimes pointless.  I cleaned for 2 hours before the party and 2 hours after the party. 


Before the birthday activities started, I started my day off with a run on the treadmill. It was another hard mind game for me but I did get the 2 miles in. 

While I was running I was thinking of what I do like about running in the fall. I honestly don't hate running in the fall. I actually like it if it's during the day. I don't like running in the dark/cold and even if I'm running inside I still don't look forward to my run nearly as much if it's dark/cold when I wake up.  Sometimes I'm hard to please. 

Anyway, daytime running has always been a favorite thing for me. If schedule would permit I would probably run at 3:00 in the afternoon every day. It doesn't work like that though. The fall weather at that time of day is perfect. So on the weekends, I do what I can to run in the afternoon. 

Fall time running definitely takes me back to my cross country times in high school.  There's just a different feeling about it that gives me a little more drive to get out (especially in the afternoons). Also, it makes me remember how I did everything wrong with running back then and helps me remember to make the changes I need to run healthier now. And it also brings back a lot of memories (good and bad) that are sometimes fun to reminisce about.

Running through the leaves is kind of fun to do.

There are a lot of fun races this time of year. I honestly don't think I've ever raced (outside of high school competition) past the beginning of October. It just gets too cold for me and I start to burn out and need a break from race training.  But there are all sorts of fun 5k and 10k races that you can dress up for or that you're being chased by zombies or you get candy while you run...that one does make it sound tempting to race on Halloween. 

For me fall running is fun because it's the beginning of my off-season and I just do what I want to make sure that I stay in shape and ready to start again in the spring.  I like that when I feel like running, I go for a run and when I feel like strength training I do that or when I feel like an extra rest day I take a rest day. 

The colors on the trees make it fun to run outside. It's fun to see the colors on the mountains and the colors in the neighborhoods or on trails while running. It helps take your mind off of the cold for a little while. 

What is your favorite time of day to run?

What do you like most about fall time?

Who has an October birthday?

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