Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Little Passports USA Edition: Michigan and New Mexico

Guess what came in the mail this week?  The girls get so excited to get the next Little Passport package in the mail. One thing they really love is that the subscription is sent to them so it says their name on the envelope.

They didn't waste any time getting it open.  We like to open these in a big space so that we can spread it all out over the floor. 

This month they sent us an activity book, stickers, and some fun 3D puzzles all about Michigan and New Mexico. First, we dove into the create your own adventure activity in the Michigan side of the activity book.  The girls thought this was really neat that they got to choose the story. The activity book also had a dot-to-dot, sudoku puzzles, word searches, experiments to try and even some recipes in there for the kids to try out. I love that it gives kids this option because it's fun for them, and they are learning. It gives them a really good way to entertain each other and themselves that doesn't include TV, movies, computers or any other electronic devices. That is something I've always felt really strongly about, that kids shouldn't NEED electronic devices to entertain them or to keep them focused on something. 

When we got done with a few of the activities and reading about those states, we put the stickers in their sticker journal and J got to work writing about what she learned about the states and what she liked most. The journal is fun because it gives the kids promptings and helps them think of things in a really constructive way. 

The last activity we did was building the 3D puzzles. M wanted to build the car (Michigan talked about the Model T Ford and how cars were made in the USA). The car was a little tricky and I suggest (unless your kids are older) helping out a little bit on this one. 

And J made the bat (New Mexico talked about how there are a lot of caves and bats in their state). The bat was easy enough J only needed a little help putting it together. 

Little Passports is a really great way to keep your kids interested in learning when they come home from school or when they are school breaks.  You can choose from several different subscriptions depending on age, and subject.  We have done the world edition and are now doing the USA edition (which is a little older age group) and so far my kids have loved getting both. You can sign up HERE for a subscription if you think this is something a child in your life would love.

How many states in the USA have you visited? Which were your favorites?
  I have visited something like 20 and I was fairly young when I went to most of those so I'm not sure I can for sure say what my favorite was. I really liked New Hampshire and Vermont a lot when I went there as a teenager. 

What is your favorite way to entertain your kids without electronics?

*Thank you to Little Passports for sending us this subscription to review. All opinions on this product are my own. 

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