Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Hiking in St George For Our Anniversary

Over the weekend Trevon and I celebrated our 8th anniversary. My mom was so great and watched the kids overnight and my cousin and her husband were so nice to let us hang with them so that we could go see Newsies at the Tuacahn. Tuacahn is an outdoor theater and if you live in Utah or around Utah, I really think that it's a must to go at least once! Trevon and my favorite show we've seen so far there is Tarzan, but Newsies was really great.

While we were there, we also decided to take a little hike before the show. It felt really nice to get out in 70-degree weather to get a little exercise! Hiking is a great alternative to running.  It's a different way to strengthen or use the same muscles that we do while running. It also gives us a chance to slow down and enjoy nature and the fresh air.  Also, Trevon and I don't run together because he doesn't enjoy it like I do...and because I can't keep up with him. So it was really fun to get to spend time with him in nature and be able to talk and get some exercise.  

We hiked Chuckawalla trail for a little while. This is a fun, easy trail that breaks off onto other small trails so it's easy to decide how far to go or when to turn around.  They have outhouses, maps, and good parking at the trailhead. There were also a lot of people rock climbing randomly throughout the trail. (As a side note: My dad used to take us rock climbing all the time when I was little. I thought I was really really good at it but I'm pretty sure I wasn't. I haven't really rock climbed since then HA). 

It wasn't crowded at all. We saw a few people here and there but not many. We did go on a Friday in the afternoon though so I'm not sure how many would be around on a weekend. The trail is mostly flat and sandy so it's a good idea to take shoes that you don't mind getting sandy.  There is a lot of cool red rock for scenery. 

There were also a lot of fun trees and plants to look at along the way. This would be a really great and easy hike for families.

One thing we talked about while we were hiking was that we want to try hiking more with our kids. We want them to gain a real appreciation for the outdoors and love being in nature. We decided that next time we go to St George, we will be taking the kids and doing some hiking. 

The weather was so perfect there, so coming home to 50-degree weather was kind of a huge bummer. But this week is supposed to warm back up for a few days so I guess we will just enjoy that while we can. 

What is your favorite non-running way to spend time outside?

Who's been to Tuachan and what did you see?

What's your favorite musical?

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