Thursday, October 5, 2017

Getting The Most Out Of Your Evening Run

We had such a nice day yesterday! It was warm enough to play outside without a jacket and it was heaven.  While V napped and we were waiting for J to get home from school, M and I played outside for a while. The HOA just mowed the lawn and there were lots of clippings sitting in the grass so we made a bird nest out of them. Did anyone else use to do this at recess? I use to make HUGE ones with a big group of friends.

Then M wanted to do some swinging for a little while.  I could do this girls hair several times a day, clip it back, use hairspray etc and it still ends up in her face. 

After J got done with school we went to the park and played with some friends.  By the V was awake and ready to play too. We are trying to soak up as much of the warmth as we possibly can before it gets cold.

Then when Trevon got home I got a run in before dinner. It felt amazing to run outside and have it be warm! I honestly think a big part of my lack in motivation lately is thanks to dark and cold mornings.


Since I ran in the evening I was thinking about evening runs yesterday and about how some people have a hard time fitting a run in during the day because mornings are already early and running in the evening seems difficult. So I wanted to share some ways to make sure you can have a good run even if it has to be at night.  

One reason night running can be hard is that you are fitting it in after a big dinner. If you can't go before dinner time try to have dinner early enough that you can have 2 hours between eating and a run so that you don't get slowed down with cramps or other stomach issues. 

Making sure that you are well hydrated.  Especially in the summertime. The evening can be the hottest part of the day and you don't want to forget to hydrate all day long and then struggle your whole run or even have to cut it short because of it. This is something I struggle with and need to work on. I always forget to drink water throughout my day. I'll drink well with meals but other than that I almost always forget to have water. Making sure you're well hydrated will help you do your best and get the most out of your run.

Sometimes running at night is hard because some people run or exercise at night and it gives them a boost of energy so they can't calm down and go to sleep, this would seem like the opposite of what you would think would happen, but exercising really does give you extra energy.  I'm one of those people who can't exercise past a certain time or I'm up all night.  So when I run in the evening or at night, I make sure I'm done no later than 9:00.  I wrote a post more about this you can read HERE

While I've been running more in the mornings and trying to become more of a morning runner, I have a hard time running in the morning when it's dark and cold. This is the time of year that I wish that I could run in the middle of the day. Honestly 3:00 is the perfect time for me to run right now, but because that's not the ideal time for a mom of young kids so that doesn't happen. I fit it in whenever I can.  

If you could fit a run in at any time of day, what time would you go?

What time is too late for you to workout?

How do you make sure to drink enough water during the day?

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