Friday, September 29, 2017

What I Do To Get Through A Burnout + Things From Our Day

The weather was amazing yesterday, so we spent some extra time outside. Trying to enjoy as much of this warm weather as we possibly can! M and I were practicing our gymnastics moves (she was doing summersaults). I'd really love to get this girl into tumbling or gymnastics or something.

After school, we all went to the park to play until it was time to make dinner. 

We got most of our fall decorations up last weekend, but I wanted to make a fall banner for our little kitchen window. So that was my project last night when all the kids were in bed. 

I just cut out different color and size of leaves with my Cricut and the sewed them together to make it. Super cheap, easy, cute way to decorate for holidays. 

While M was on her field trip at school today, I took V to target to get some stuff on our list.  He really loved the Halloween decoration isles today. Everytime we passed this he would point at it and when we would stop he'd get a little nervous but then want to go back. 


This morning it took everything I had to get out of bed and go run. There was not one part of me that wanted to run except that I knew I'd regret not going later. So I got up and went, and the whole run I was thinking of how tired I was.  I ran exactly a 5k and then I was done.  Maybe it's because it's getting colder and staying dark longer that is making it hard for me to get out on my morning run. Or maybe it's a burnout.

Here are a few ways that I know when I'm burned out:

  • It doesn't sound fun to run anymore
  • I'm feeling really sluggish and slow
  • I'm finding excuses not to get out and run
  • I'm feeling discouraged from lack of progress (This is probably the biggest one for me)

So if it is a burnout, what do you do when you feel it coming? 

For me, burnout happens a lot when I'm not seeing the progress I'm making. That's when I know that it's time to make a new goal! A new goal is a great motivation for you to get going again and enjoying it. Goals help you stay focused and remember why you run in the first place. And the feeling of meeting or surpassing a goal jumpstarts my motivation to keep going every time. When I see that I can do things that I wasn't able to do before, it always makes me want to see how much more I can give.  Whether it's signing up for another race or setting a new distance or pace goal, it helps a lot to be able to see progress in something. If you're not injured and your burnout is mostly mental, set a new goal for yourself and focus on that until you find the drive again or meet your goal.

When I'm feeling like a burnout might be coming, I start to plan around my fun runs instead of what I had scheduled. Running in a group or with a buddy, putting music on, doing intervals or tempo runs instead of just a regular run, finding a new route. All of those things combat boredom on a run for me. So when I get the feeling that I really just don't want to run (and I'm not feeling injured) I try to make my run as fun for me as possible.

Once in a while, the burnout doesn't last long and it's something that I can just put my music on a push through. Usually, after a few hard or discouraging runs, I'll start feeling better about things again.

Sometimes having a burnout doesn't mean you need to stop running altogether. Sometimes it just means that you need a couple of rest days. I have a race this weekend that I'm not sure I'll be running.  I'd like to run it, I'm just not sure I will because it might be one of those times that I just need a weekend off from running.  (We will see what happens there).  But taking a few days off, or a week off, from running doesn't mean you can't do other forms of exercise. It's probably best that you do something to keep you moving anyway.  This is a good time for hiking, biking, strength training, swimming, or even just going on some nice walks. 

If nothing seems to be working, and you just can not find the motivation no matter what you do, it is 100% ok to take a break for a week or two (or longer if you need) and find something else to do until your motivation comes back. Running is always there for you when you are ready for it. Running doesn't have a season or a cut off date, it's there all the time when you're ready for it. 

What do you do when you feel burned out?

What is your favorite way to cross train?

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