Friday, September 22, 2017

Race Day Nerves and More Things From Our Day

I'm sharing my thoughts on race day nerves today, but first, here's a little bit about our lives the last couple of days. 

I added peaches to my yogurt and granola this morning. I'm pretty sure that the more fruit I add to this meal, the better it gets. 

It was a nice day yesterday. The temperature was near perfect, so I made sure that we got to spend some good time outside.  M finally opened the sandbox yesterday. This used to be the girl's favorite spot and this summer it has been pretty empty.  I was really glad that she decided that would be a fun thing to do again.

I made brownies the other night and I ate most of them yesterday afternoon.  (You can have all the sides, I just want the middle pieces).  We took the rest over to our neighbors partially just so I would stop eating them. 

J came home from school and we got to work on spelling homework.  J is a little miss smarty pants and I think she might be getting a little bored with homework already so we try to find ways to make things more exciting. Last night was playdough.  Heres a little playdough tip: I put a piece of saran wrap down and stick it to the table for easy clean up of the playdough crumbs. It also helps so that they playdough doesn't leave that filmy mess on my table.

After dinner, I wanted to get out and enjoy the warmth some more. The kids went to play with friends and I went on a little walk and then went out to visit the neighbors and watch the kids all play. 


I picked up my race packet today.  Now I started wondering, did I train right?  You guys, I've run probably over 100 5k's in my life. You would think that I would know how this goes, and I wouldn't worry about overtraining or undertraining or anything like that, but I do.

I think that it's pretty normal to get a little bit of the jitters. And although it sounds kind of silly, I think it's also normal to question all that you've done to work for a race. It doesn't matter the distance. It just happens. You want to do good in the race, you want all of that hard work to pay off with hopefully a PR. And I think when we start to think that way, we stress ourselves out and it can be bad on race day.

So when I start to question my training and worry if I did too much or not enough, I try to remind myself that I did what I knew how to do and I did it in the best way that I could.  Now is not the time to worry about what I did to train. That part is behind me and can't be changed. Now is the time to focus on race day and what I can control to make race day good.

I also like to remind myself that even though it's really good to have goals and hopes and a vision for how you want the race to go, it's not always going to turn out that way. The best thing you can do in this situation is give it your all in your race and be happy with the results knowing that you did your best. And that is the mindset that I am having for this race. I haven't raced in 2 years. My PR was on a fast course with lots of downhill. This is a different course, on a different day, with a different training cycle. So no matter what happens, I am going to come out of this race with a positive attitude and excited to do another.

Do you like the edges or the middle of the brownie best?

Did you ever study spelling in fun ways?

What do you do to calm your race day nerves?

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