Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Pros and Cons of Team Running

If anyone missed my race recap from yesterday you can find it HERE. We had a busy weekend but a good one!  After the race, we came home and got cleaned up for family pictures. But then the rain started and the family pictures got canceled so, we decided to put up the fall/Halloween decorations instead.

Sunday it rained all day long. From about 5:00 PM on Saturday to about 6:00 PM on Sunday. After church and dinner, we did some family visits and then came home and when the kids went to bed, Trevon and I went through some of his baby pictures that have been in storage. We found this one of him and his brother petting a skunk....I'm not sure how this story ended but it couldn't have been too bad, he doesn't remember doing that. (Maybe the skunk was dead??).

Before bed, we had some hot chocolate my favorite way -- with ice cream in it. 

Monday morning V decided that he was going to be independent in feeding himself. That's a really great thing except for the mess it makes. 

We spent some time at the library Monday morning as well before we ran our other errands. We usually meet my sister there so that M has some time with cousins before they have to go to school. Our library lets us check out these baskets to carry our books in. I just found out about that a couple of months ago. It makes getting books so much easier. But now that we end up getting so many books and I'm pushing a stroller through the library too, I'm considering just taking my old backpack or something to put them in since that will be easier to carry.


All of you know by now that I started out my running life on a team. My first team was the Hershey track team in my neighborhood and then I went on to the high school team.  I had things that I loved about those teams and things that I didn't love so much about them and I thought that today I'd share my pros and cons list of team running. 


- Team running can be really great for beginner runners, especially teenagers who need a new way to branch out and make new friends. I had a lot of friends on my high school team who were there for me in many more ways than just running. Not every person was my friend, but there were a few friends there that changed my life in so many ways for the better. 

- There is a sense of unity in a team (or there should be). Your teammates look out for each other and it becomes kind of like a family. If someone is having a rough day, the rest of the team is there to help lift them back up. 

- There is always someone there to push you a little harder. If not the coach, then your fellow runners are there to support you and to push you to your limits.

- When you're on a team, there is always someone to celebrate with when you do well!  You will always have people cheering you on from the beginning of a race until you cross the finish line. And we all know how great it is when someone is supporting you and cheering you on.

- If you get injured, odds are someone on the team has had that same injury and can give you advice on how to prevent it or make it feel better. 

- There's always someone to talk to on your runs. You don't get bored on your run as easy and turn around early because you have a group of runners to talk to. 

- Everyone understands the love of running.

- You have a coach that can give you different runs to improve your performance. Speed, long runs, hills, you name it, your coach has probably heard about it and will have you run it at some point.


- When you're on a team there is no way your coach can work one on one with you.  So you might not get exactly the workout that works best for you.  Coaches who are over a team have to use workouts that work best for most everyone. When you hire a personal trainer or coach they can tailor the workout to your specific needs

- Fewer rest days happen when you're part of a team because you're expected to be there.  Personally, I need at least 1 good rest day a week. In high school, most of my injuries happened when we started two-a-days and I only had one rest day. Now I have 2 rest days (one of them I might sneak in an easy workout sometimes) and I haven't been injured since. 

- Sometimes when you're on a team you start comparing to your teammates and for me, that was always really discouraging. I think this is something that I would still struggle a little bit with if I was on a team now too. I tend to compare myself to others a lot as it is.

- Sometimes being on a team can be hard because when you have a bad race and it effects the team placing in the race, you feel like you let the team down. 

Team racing can be great! And if that's what is going to get out and going every day and keep you accountable, then I'd say sign up for a team right away. But it's not for everyone. Think about what will make reaching your goal easier for you and do what will work best. 

What is your favorite treat to have in the colder months?

Were you ever on a sports team?

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