Friday, September 1, 2017

Pet Peeves While I'm Running

Yesterday while I was turning a movie on for M, I noticed this letter practicing on our speaker...I think I need to do some deeper cleaning around our house. At least I know that they are learning.

V loves the wagon. We went on a walk and he spent the next 30 minutes climbing in and out of it.  This kid may be a handful most of the time, but he sure is cute and I love watching him learn and discover things. 

After J got back from school, these two sat and played on the couch like this for an hour. They miss each other when they are apart and I hope that they will always be close friends. 

M had her pre-school meet and greet yesterday. She acted very shy for the first few minutes but then she opened right up.  She got to pick her seat and a treat at the end. She's excited to start and she has several friends in her class starting out.

I did an at home workout the other night since I didn't get to do a run. I didn't realize how weak my arms are. They were shaking by the end. (Things to work on).  I got up and ran 6 miles this morning though. It felt good until the last mile. That last mile was HARD today. My legs were tired and trying to stop but they kept going. 


When you run a lot, you start to notice things that bug you while you're running.  While, most of the time, I try to keep my running positive, the other day I was noticing things that were just annoying. So I thought I'd share some of my running pet peeves today. Meaning things that bug me while I run, not things that runners do that bug me.

- My ears sometimes get a little clicking or popping sound in them when ever I take a step. This has happened since high school.  My sister and a running friend noticed it all about the same time and decided to call it the nail polish syndrome (I'm pretty positive that someone else has a better name for it) because it sounded like someone was shaking a nail polish bottle in our heads.  I've never been sure what causes it but it's annoying.

- Sometimes when I run in the cold, it sounds like I'm under water for a while after I run. This is a pretty recent thing and it's really annoying. The first time I noticed it, I felt like maybe I was going deaf...not sure what's going on with my ears when I run, but I hope it's not permanent.

- Also when I run in the cold, my teeth and the outside of my ears ache when I get back. This, I'm pretty positive, is a sinus thing. It's one of the reasons I try not to run in weather under 60 degrees.

- It really bothers me when my pony tail starts to slide out. I always have two elastics in my hair when I run. Growing up I never had thick hair, but after having kids, I suddenly have more hair than I have ever had in my life.  So I have to use more than one elastic to keep it up and tight enough not to bug me.

- Another hair related one: when you put your hair up but you realize after you start running or working out that you missed a chunk and it drives you nuts the rest of the time.

- Rocks in your shoes are obviously really annoying

- When your shoes come untied during a race or run, annoying. Also when your shoelaces are long enough to hit you in the ankles while you're running, that's annoying too. This is why I not only double knot, but I tuck my shoe laces under.

Over                                                                 Under

- When you're running along and doing great and suddenly you run into a swarm of bugs.  Especially when a bug gets in your eye and you have to stop to get it out and then it looks like you're crying the rest of the run.

- When you're running around town and you hit every single light...or any light.

- When drinking fountains are broken when you need a drink really bad.

- When you're running with music or a podcast, and your phone dies. Or when you're tracking your run on your phone and your phone dies. Or when someone calls you in the middle of a run. Basically a lot of phone problems.

What are your biggest pet peeves?

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