Wednesday, September 6, 2017

My Mantras and How I came Up With Them

Today has been a lot of catch up after our trip. We had so much fun but coming home to all the house work and chores and to-do list gets to be hard. We got J out the door and did some laundry then we rushed to the library and grocery store before getting M ready for school and out the door. Nothing super exciting besides this cutie's back to school picture.

While M was at her first day of school, V and I went to my parent's house and V took a nap while I ran. (It's been 5 days). So it's been a busy day, but not super exciting to share today.


The other day when I was on my long run, I was feeling really good until the last mile or so.  Then my brain automatically started going through all of my little mantras that I use. The things you tell yourself are much more powerful than you would think. The way you talk to yourself, in general, is much more powerful than you think.  (So be nice to yourself).

As I started going through my old, usual mantras, I started thinking of how those mantras came to me. Some of them came really simply, some popped into my head randomly during a run and others came with a background and a story.

One mantra that has helped me with much much more than running came from Trevon's aunt. This has a longer back story than I will tell right now, but when I was dating Trevon, he decided to go on a mission for a couple of years. The day that his family came to say goodbye, his aunt (who happened to be one of the few people who supported me waiting for him in that family) hugged me, then looked me straight in the eye, with her hands on my shoulders and said "We will be just fine, we will make it."  That has not only helped me in waiting for Trevon, it helped me while being pregnant, it helped me while in labor, it helped me get through postpartum depression AND running.

Another mantra I tell myself, when I start to feel weak or tired or anything like that, I quote What About Bob (if you haven't seen this show, go watch it now!) "I feel good, I feel great, I feel wonderful." If nothing else, it takes my mind off that and I start thinking of the movie or other movies like it.

One mantra is one that is pretty popular is "I can do hard things" This one is good to help me remember that my body is stronger than I sometimes think.

"If I can get through (insert hard time in life etc), then I can get through this run. We go through so many difficult things in our life. Every day has some kind of trial in it. And if we can get through that, a run is basically nothing.

"Dig deep" is another mantra that comes from several movies for me (most of the kid movies) but it just reminds me to dig deeper (duh) and find that little bit of extra strength in me. When we feel like we are almost out of energy all together, if we search a little harder for the strength, we will find it.

What is one of your regular mantras that help you get through running, or life in general?

How do you come up with your  mantras?


  1. Right now my life feels so unpredictable and a little bit chaotic. My mantra has totally become a very simple one but one which I use multiple times per day. I've got this. I've got this. I've got this

    1. I feel you! It's crazy how quickly life can become chaotic, with even just one change. You've got this! (I do too...I think)