Thursday, September 7, 2017

Missing a Run When You're on a Training Program

When I went to my parent's house the other day, I noticed they were replacing their toilet which had apparently started leaking all over their floor. After I got done running on their treadmill, my dad asked me to help him carry the new toilet into the house. Then when I was about to leave my dad stopped me again and asked if I could help him carry the old one out of the house. Toilets are heavy! I got an extra full body workout in that day, good thing I didn't run and lift weights or I would have been to jello-y to help.

Since we had a holiday this week, our weekly schedule was thrown off a little. We did a lot of our chores yesterday and by dinner time I was beat! But I knew that there were some things I was really needing to get from Target and we also needed a car wash. So we all drove to Target and Trevon and V left us girls there to get the shopping done while they got the car wash done and then came to pick us up.

This morning at the bus stop (we got there right in time for the bus to come) M noticed one of the moms painting rainbows on her kid's hand. I'm not sure what it was for, but I'm guessing it was something for their class. Anyway, she noticed M watching her and asked if she wanted one. Her hand was too small so she got one on her shoulder which she thought was pretty neat. She also was excited that it matched her shirt. 


While we were on our little trip I had some running planned that didn't happen.  The air was too bad to run in safely (especially for someone with asthma that is brought on by bad air and allergies).  It was nice to take a little break though and when I got back home I picked right back up.  But it got me thinking: When you're training for something and you miss a day, are you supposed to do that workout you missed or moved onto the next one?

To be honest I've never really followed a strict workout plan for a race.  I kind of just make sure I get my miles in.  But I've been a little better lately to make sure that I'm getting a good variety of helpful runs into my routine. For example, I make sure I get some speed in, some hills in, weights and a long run or a good tempo run in every week.

I think that this is more of a personal decision unless, maybe, you're working with a coach who tells you differently. But, for me, I usually decide whether to move on in my training schedule or to do the run that I missed depending on a couple different things.

  1. What sounds more exciting or fun to me.  Sometimes what sounds more enjoyable is most important. This usually happens when I'm not preparing for a race or when I starting to feel burned out or tired of running.  Sometimes you need something more enjoyable in running to make you want to be more consistent in running.
  2. Depending on how much time I have, I sometimes switch my schedule around. I prefer not to do this because when I've been planning on a long run all day one day, it's hard to switch things around and plan for a long run all day the next day. But sometimes kids go to bed later, I don't get enough sleep the night before, or my body is too tired to either do what I have planned for that day or run at all. In this case, I either decide by what I have time for or take the day off and do that run the next day.
  3. What is going to be more beneficial? I take a look at my running goal at the time and decide which workout will better help me reach that goal.  Right now I'm training for my next race (the first race for me in a couple of years is coming up in a couple of weeks) and since I'm that close to race day, it's best not to miss a workout and to get a run in when ever I possibly can to make sure I don't miss one (While we were on the road I did manage to get a quick half mile worth of stairs in while we were at a rest stop.) But if that does happen, I look at which run will benefit me most on race day and do that run. If you're further away from race day, you have time to make up for the one you missed and do the one you have scheduled another day. 

Have you ever followed a strict running plan?

How do you decide whether to move to the next run or do the one you skipped?

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