Thursday, September 21, 2017

Enjoy Your Rest Day

This morning started out promising but as soon as J went to school all promises of a productive cleaning morning were off. It was one of those mornings that you go to get something done and realize you can't do that thing until you do something else. For example, I went to eat some granola, but my granola was gone so I went to make more. So I went to start making some more but then I realized that last night some bacon grease dropped in the oven and I needed to clean that first. Once I started cleaning the oven V was climbing all over it so I had to get him entertained doing something else. Only half of the oven got cleaned because he's one and nothing lasts long attention wise. I started making the granola again and realized I didn't have clean measuring cups. So I unloaded the dishwasher. Then V decided to help take the clean dishes out of the drawer and scatter them around the house. Once I got going on the granola again M decided she really needed to watch a movie so I spent 20 minutes explaining to her that we have things to do this morning and she could watch the movie, she just needed to wait until after lunch.  I finally got the granola in the oven and tried to focus on cleaning the 3 other rooms that had been torn apart in the process.  And M decided it would be a good time to play with playdough. Then V decided it might be good to try to eat the playdough. I was ready for a nap by 10, but we still needed to go to Costco. It was just one of those mornings where nothing gets done.

After Costco, V helped put groceries away by making sure we had enough room for them. He really loves carrying these muffin boxes around. Just these boxes. He never chooses any other thing from this cupboard. 

Some days you just have to be ok with not getting much done and letting the kids run the show for a little while. I went out into the camper to look for something that M left out there last time we were in the camper and I realized that I need to spend more time in there. I really love the way it turned out. Maybe it should be my "office" while it's not being used for camping. (Excuse the pillows on the floor and the curtains all a mess, we've had a few windy storms that knocked them all over the place). 


Today is a rest day (and that must mean for more than just running according to the kids). I usually take two rest days a week, and sometimes only one, when I can fit a workout into one of those days. Does anyone else struggle a little on rest days? Rest days are needed for recovery, they are necessary, but sometimes rest days feel like they take twice the amount of energy to get through. Rest days also seem a little harder in terms of emotional strength for me. I'm always a little more stressed, a little more emotional on rest days. The reason for that is obvious to me, but it doesn't make rest day any easier.

If you struggle with rest days like I do, here are a few ideas of things that might help make rest days easier for you.

- Easy, low-impact workouts.  Rest day, like I said, is necessary. We need to take a day or two a week off from running to make sure that our body is getting the recovery time that it needs. But if you're like me and need to do something a little active, just change up what you do with something low impact. Instead of running, go for a good walk with friends or with your kids, ride your bike, do yoga. Find another simple but fun way to get some exercise without feeling like you did a hard workout. 

- Find another hobby that you can do to take the extra time up that you would be running.  Find a good book to read or show to watch. Do something to make it feel like a special day instead of a day that you don't look forward to. For me, rest day usually means I find a book on tape or a podcast to listen to while I clean the house (today that didn't happen haha).

- Find a sanctuary for yourself and spend some time there. I spend a lot of time on the warmer days in my backyard. It's been one of my favorite things about my house for a long time. I go out during quiet time, while V is asleep and M is watching a movie or playing in her room and I spend a few minutes doing something I love out there (usually read or blog). When the girls were really little we also spent all of our time during the day out there. It was a favorite place for them to be as well, and I'm a little sad that they don't spend as much time out there anymore.  

- Remind yourself why you need a rest day. Sometimes on rest days I feel really tempted to fit a run in any way. And on some rest days, when my cardio and impact levels have been low for the week, I will try to fit it in. But on weeks that I know I need to take it easy, I remind myself that rest day is what is keeping me from being injured and having to take more time off in the long run.

Rest days can be hard for some, and that's ok. Just do something to make sure you're enjoying your rest days as much as your other days and your body will thank you for it.  

What do you do on rest days?

How many rest days do you take a week?


  1. Moving your office to the camper actually sounds like a great idea! And I normally take one rest day a week. It's normally on Sunday when we are busy visiting family so I'm too busy to think about working out.

    1. Sundays are great rest days. They are busy days for us too! Thanks for reading Cyndi