Wednesday, September 13, 2017

5 Things I've Learned From Racing

I have 5 (just a few) things I've learned from racing for you today, but first here's how things have been going for us around here.

We saw a huge pile of pumpkins for sale at the grocery store.  M wanted to buy one but I told her she's just going to have to wait. I'm not done with summer yet. I think I may be in denial a little bit over here (I think this happens every year).

While we were out watering our plants, we noticed this huge grass hopper getting ready to go find a good snack in my tomatoes.  Not today grass hopper. I squirted him down...I hope that no one here is a bug activist, but I planted my vegetables for me, not them.

I also saw that my plants all finally decided to deliver!  Finally, we are getting strawberries and tomatoes that are getting big and ripe. I'm really hoping that our little strawberry bush produces a ton of strawberries next year!

You would think V would enjoy his huge box of toys or his ball pit, but nope. His favorite thing to play with right now is toothpaste.  No one but him enjoys this phase because we never know where the toothbrushes are, I'm constantly taking the toothpaste away and trying to distract him while he throws a fit. And yes, we do have child locks on the drawers and yes I have tried putting it in a different place. He's smart, and tall.  

M was excited to go to school again today. She started asking me if it was lunch time this morning at 8:45 because she knows that after lunch we go to school.  I'm loving that she's enjoying it, and I really hope that she keeps on enjoying it. 

This morning started out with a 20 minute run while listening to the Tiny Leaps, Big Changes podcast. I've recently started listening to more of these now and then and I really like this one because they are generally pretty short and don't take much time to listen to but they are full of good thoughts and ideas. 


I have done something like 300 plus races since I've started running. Not all of them were 5k's but they were still all races. There are a lot of things I love about racing but one of them is that I learn something every time I race. Here are just a few of the things that I have learned.

1. Every race is different. It doesn't matter how many times you run the same course, the race, the way you feel, what your mind is doing, how you trained, the people you're running with, the weather, even the shoes are all different. There is always something that happens just a little different from a race before. So just go into it knowing that things might not go exactly the way you expect. For better or for worse, something unexpected will happen.

2. One I wish I would have caught onto earlier: you really are just racing against yourself. Yes, you do place in a race and you want to try to place high, but really the thing you're trying to do is cut your current time down. So really, the only one your racing is you. Don't feel disappointed if you don't place, just be happy about the time you get.

3.  There is always another race. If you don't feel like you did as good as you'd hoped in your last race, there is always another race you can sign up for. Always another shot at your goal. And that's how you succeed is you keep trying.

4. It's way better to be friendly in a race than to act intimidating. Not only is it proven that you will perform better when you're enjoying it, but it also gives people the impression that you're a jerk when you act intimidating. Also, part of the fun of racing is getting to know new people.

5.  Race day is not the day to worry about training. You did that part, now it's test time. So relax and enjoy and remember #3, there's always another race.

What is your favorite season?

Anyone have a favorite podcast?

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