Tuesday, August 29, 2017

When Will Running Get Fun?

Monday morning started with laundry and getting J out the door for school.  We had a lot of things going on in the morning. Once J was out the door, I got to work folding some clothes, and before too long I could hear M calling for me. V had climbed up onto J's top bunk...This kid is definitely all boy and a busy boy at that. It wasn't much longer than that when I heard him down emptying the utensil drawer again, and then he started on the folded clothes. Mischief. He's pretty cute and sweet though.

V had his well check today and while we were in the waiting room he played really well in this little play house. And then they called us back to our room. While we waited in there (the Dr had several emergencies this morning and got a little behind) he didn't wait so patiently. Lucky for us, I happened to have a few snacks to keep in occupied for a little while. 

When we finally got done at the Dr.'s we went home for lunch and then we headed to the grocery store because we had NOTHING in our house. V was pretty tired by the time we got done and he wasn't even excited about the smarties that the store was giving out but M was.  That's the highlight of running errands for her. 

We came home, put V down for a nap and waited around for a little bit until J was out of school. 

I have a speed/weights workout scheduled tonight, we will see how that goes after going to dinner with my parents. 


I've had people ask me basically my whole life how I could think running is fun, or people who I'm helping to get into running as when it will get fun. Well, running is only going to be fun when you decided to make it fun, or want to make it fun, anyway.  Honestly up until the last several years, running wasn't fun for me. The actual running part wasn't fun for me at all, it was the feeling after running, that feeling of complete exhaustion...or almost an empty feeling for me that kept me going. (I've never been good at explaining that particular feeling, and empty is one word that keeps coming to mind just because I feel like I've run every stress out of my body and everything feels clear again). But a couple of years ago, I decided that I really do like to run, not just to feel relieved of stress and stuff like that. Running became fun for me.Runners high is something that keeps people enjoying their run for sure, but getting to the point where you feel that runners high can be hard when you're just starting out.  So to keep you going until you hit that point, sometimes you have to make your run fun for you. Here are a few ways to do that.

Find a good podcast, book on tape, or your favorite music to run to.  Now and then the biggest problem with our run is that our brain gets bored and starts to think about how much you hate to run. When you run with some music or a book on tape or something like that to entertain your mind it helps you push through those hard miles. It also gives you something to enjoy and look forward to while you run. Another little trick with this is, if you're listening to a podcast or a book on tape, only let yourself listen to it if you are running. That way you have some motivation to get out and do your run in the first place.

A friend makes a big difference in running. I've said it a lot before, but I'm saying it again, having a good running buddy can make all the difference in the world when it comes to having fun on a run.  A couple of years ago I had a small group of moms who wanted to run, we all went a moderate pace and were able to have our alone time and visit with each other while we ran. It made me enjoy that time more because it gave me some time to be around other moms without our kids.  

When I start to feel bored, one way I make it fun again is finding different routes or running a route backwards to mix things up. Seeing new sites --even if they are in the same neighborhood or place that you normally run-- helps in making your run more enjoyable. 

Find some obstacles. This is not something I do, or that I'm good at doing, but it would definitely help make things more exciting to have to figure out how to get over passed some kind of obstacle while running. Find a fence (not on someone's private property) to jump or climb over, find a row of trees to weave in and out through. Start thinking of objects as obstacles to get over.

If you're running on the treadmill and need to spice things up, change the speed and incline ever couple of minutes.  You can also race yourself in some intervals, or watch a movie or favorite TV show to keep you entertained. 

Switch up the type of run you do. It always helps me, when I'm bored of running, to do a different speed workout or to add some extra hills into my run. Lately I've been doing more tempo runs to help me stay excited and focused about on my run. 

To me one of the most fun parts of running, is seeing my improvements. And improvements only happen when you keep working at it.  It's good to take some breaks when you're feeling burned out, but don't quit out of boredom. 

What is your busiest day of the week?

How do you make running fun again when you start to feel bored?

Do you have a favorite podcast or book on tape?

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