Thursday, August 10, 2017

Tempo Run and A Trip To The Park

Here are some pictures that Trevon sent me from when we went school shopping. This is what happens when daddy comes shopping with us.  At least they had fun with him. I think they don't like shopping with me as much because I don't do things like this.

V and M watched a show together while I was running.

We went to the park yesterday morning. It was an overcast and cooler morning so it was a perfect time to go.  We bought THIS backpack leash for us to have V wear when we went camping. He hated it at first but now he's getting used to it and realizes that he can walk around on his own as long as he doesn't go too far. It was really perfect for when we went to the aquarium and that's where he got to like it the most too.

We don't normally go to this park because it's pretty small and there is NO shade. But this was the perfect playground for V. He loved going down the slides and trying to be a daredevil by walking down them instead of sliding down them. 

The girls love it when we go to any park. This park is super close to our house, so everyone was happy. We came home, had lunch and put V down for a nap and the girls picked a movie to watch. Summer is wrapping up but we are trying to hold on to it as long as possible!!


Last night I did a tempo run. I don't normally specifically do these runs but the change made it super fun and made me very conscious of my pace. A tempo run is when you run a slow warm up, then run a steady faster pace for a certain amount of time or distance. Then you slow down for a shorter amount of time or distance before speeding back up to the faster pace. So, for example, you run a 5 minute slow warm up, then you run faster for 4 minutes, and then slow for two minutes and then back to fast for another 4 minutes and so on. I did 4.5 miles at a 8:30 pace. 

I used to always wonder why to do tempo runs when I could just go out and run the same pace without slowing down at all. But tempo runs are designed to help you increase the endurance you have to stay at a faster pace. Instead of running at the same medium comfortable pace, you push yourself a little harder during intervals of the run to increase the amount of time you can run at that faster pace. This pace should feel "comfortably hard" and then you slow down to an easy pace to get your body ready to do the harder pace again.

Things I was thinking about on my run: How do people get good, clear running selfies?? I found THIS article today talking about exactly that! I was so excited, I'm going to try it out. 

It used to be that you would never see me running without my music on.  But lately, I've really enjoyed running with just my thoughts.  I don't run to music hardly at all anymore, but I do like running to music when I'm really struggling with my mind games. Music helps me to just tune out all the negative thoughts in my head when they start getting worse and worse. I also like listening to music for runs like this and speed runs because it helps me set and focus on a pace.  

I am over at Women's Running Community today talking about what happened when I started running in the mornings. Run over there to check it out!

Do you listen to anything while running?

What is one type of run that you've never quite understood the point of?

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